The Heart of Park of America, The Soul of America Building, to Unite the Nation and focus on Employing Veterans

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Park of America’s goal for the construction of this state-of-the-art monument, will turn Science Fiction into Science Fact. Leaving your mark in history by literally allowing each American to speak to their future generations, in sight and sound, forever.

Soul Of America at night with Flag Mountain in background

Soul Of America at night with Flag Mountain in background

Park Of America’s Mission Statement To make America united again by inspiring patriotism, national unity & promoting America’s core values.

Park of America (POA) is anticipated to open by 2026, in time for the nation's celebration of 250 years of independence. Recently announcing the plans for the construction of the world's largest flag - a display of the Stars and Stripes which will span Flag Mountain - Terrance W. Sachetti, Founder & CEO, is also promoting his plans for the Soul of America. Through its founding, construction, and operation, he envisions large and permanent growth of employment and the economy, but his vision is bigger – the uniting of the nation and the reignition of the American Dream.

The 500-foot wide, star-shaped building promises to be an impressive structure, with five stories of blue glass emerging from the earth, but the Soul of America is named for what will be contained in its massive server, two stories beneath it. This will be a cutting-edge concept for a monument. The Soul of America will be a depository, allowing Americans to make their mark in history, by creating and uploading their own, living life-journal. Finally, every American gets to go down in history and exercise control over how they are represented in this historical record. Citizens will be invited to preserve video, audio, pictures, and writings for posterity. Sachetti elaborated, "Imagine a living family tree for all Americans. You can preserve the wisdom of your grandmother, and leave videos with encouragement and jokes for your great grandchildren." The secure storage will act as a continuous record of our country and its people, prompting Terrance to call it My American Life Journal.

He believes "We, as Americans, are the indispensable cogs, responsible for the perseverance and growth of this great nation. We are the unsung heroes, and this is meant to be a true memorial for the people and by the people." Park of America is a non-profit organization, and will focus on employing veterans. The goal of the construction and operation of the POA is expressed in the mission statement on the website; “To make America united again, by inspiring patriotism, national unity & promoting America’s core values.”

Regarding the enormity of the project, Sachetti smiled, “Maybe President Trump could connect me with a few good people & or a good project manager.” One aspect of the park’s design is a scale model of the United States. Visitors will be able to walk through the 3200-foot topographical map, complete with representations of natural and man-made attractions from each state.

Several other plans round out the park. The World Tour Lake will be a world map which is navigable by boat and land, complete with every country and capital city. A full sized White House will enable open access to a replica of the iconic structure many would, otherwise, not get to visit. Performers throughout the park will reenact scenes of the country’s founding and other history. Sachetti wants it “… to be like you are transported through time, seeing the forefathers walking through the park, hearing their insight, and witnessing their contributions to the birth of our nation.”

The design of Flag Mountain, the structure which will bear the world’s largest flag, includes an indoor theme park, ski slope, eateries, and shops, organized to represent climates and cultures of different regions of the United States. The arrangement of the entertainment and educational aspects of the park will have been separated so that it maintains the serene environment of the outer park, while hosting an exciting theme park within the mountain.

A site-selection search is to be launched soon to find an ideal, southern location for the POA. It is expected that some southern states will compete to have Park of America located in their state. It is anticipated to create thousands of construction and permanent jobs for the host state, as well as generate increased tourism revenue. Terrance is currently searching for corporate sponsors, spokespersons, volunteers, and professionals for the non-profit organization.

If you are interested in this historic campaign, you can go to Here you can view a 3D flythrough of the park, donate, sign-up to volunteer, and learn more about the project.

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