Parma Alcohol Drug Rehab Introduces Expanded Residential Treatment Services

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Getting off drugs and alcohol take time and effort, plus a willingness to change. For a free consultation, call 440-628-2727.

Parma Alcohol Drug Rehab is pleased to introduce expanded residential treatment services for individuals seeking relief from drug and alcohol addiction.

Residential treatment offers a person numerous ways to eradicate the horrid use of drugs from their lives. Entering the facility can be looked at as a form of surrendering, saying that marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines, and street drugs are not filling whatever is missing inside.

The counselors, therapists and medical staff at the Parma center have a grasp of how powerful drug addiction can grab someone and not let go. The residential treatment program has expanded from simply one direction that involves only 12-step recovery. It now offers creative writing, group therapy, individual therapy, extensive workout classes, and instructions on healthy eating. One thing that drug addicts have a tendency to do is forget how to take care of themselves. They forget about bathing, brushing their teeth, getting health checkups, and taking care of their financial matters.

Residential treatment services do remain true to a 12-step methodology, and weave in these expanded services. That way, people do have a menu of options for their care and health while in treatment. Individual therapy focuses on certain causes and conditions, what led a person to pick up that crystal meth for the first time and not stop. It looks at underlying situations, potential physical, emotional and mental abuse, and brings awareness to them all.

The facility also has expanded space to include these services. Clients also now can enjoy time outside underneath the Ohio skies and take in sunshine with new verandas. Staff members encourage recovering drug addicts and alcoholics to make use of this time and maximize it. There is focus and direction provided on a daily basis through structured scheduling. The idea is to provide structure where chaos has roamed for a long time. Residential treatment provides safe, secure support and nurturing for people that want to get better and have an improved life.

Click here to find out more about Parma Alcohol Drug Rehab. For a no-cost consultation, call 440-628-2727 today.

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