Pheromone Advantage: Review Examining Dr. Virgil Amend’s Product Released

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Pheromone Advantage reviews have been popping up all over the Internet, and reveals the truth about this cologne that claims it makes it so much easier to attract the opposite gender.

Pheromone Advantage Review

Pheromone Advantage Review

Pheromone Advantage claims that people can amplify their appeal to the opposite sex and even intimidate others from the same sex by simply spritzing some spray on. This has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting a new investigative review.

“Our Pheromone Advantage review reveals that Dr. Amend's product triggers emotions and attraction without people ever realizing that they are actually being influenced by pheromones,” reports Stevenson. “Most other pheromone scents contain very small amounts of potent ingredients, which certainly is not enough to have much of an impact on the opposite sex. This one comes in two variants, one meant to attract men, and the other for targeting women. Both are formulated with just the right amounts of pheromones so they can’t easily be masked or washed away and to create maximum effectiveness.”

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Pheromone Advantage for attracting women is formulated with Androstenone, Androstenol, and Androstadienone. Although Androstenone is considered to be a predominantly male pheromone, it gives off a good strong vibe akin to that of an alpha male. Androstenol helps the wearer seem less intimidating and more approachable, and helps elevate the mood of a woman. The spray for attracting men contains Copulins, Estratetraenol, and Androstenol. Copulins can help increase testosterone levels in men. Estratetraenol encourages men to communicate. It also has the best combination and concentration of pheromones of any other product in the market.

“Simple and easy to use, and utilizing an out of the box concept that few people know about, Dr. Amend tries to address the problem of our vanished ability to detect these pheromones because we eventually developed an overdependence on our sense of sight,” says Stevenson. “Detected by the veromonasal organ that bypasses the conscious mind, they are odorless and undetectable. So, if you have perfume or cologne that you like to use, you can apply Pheromone Advantage, that comes in an easy to spray bottle, that you can easily spritz on like a perfume, without affecting the scent.”

“By using Dr Amend's product, you can supplement the pheromones you emit, and trigger emotions and desires in the opposite sex. It's made from pure research grade human pheromones that combines more than most other scents in the market and in larger concentrations. The result is a strong blend for maximum effectiveness. It is an awesome product that allows you to supplement your own scents through an easy to apply topical application, and is actually formulated for best results by using an unique combination, so you can maximize your results.”

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