Philadelphia, PA Alcohol Drug Rehab Announces Expansion of Drug Detoxification Program

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Deciding that using and abusing drugs is no longer fun can lead people toward getting clean and sober, and there is a solution. For a no-cost consultation, call 267-281-6852.

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Philadelphia, PA Alcohol Drug Rehab is announcing that its drug detoxification program has been expanded for more services to become available for adults and adolescents in Philadelphia.

In these times where drug abuse is running rampant, some people reach the conclusion that they have had enough and do not want to fill up their bodies with another substance from marijuana and cocaine to barbiturates and opiates. An initial step in Philadelphia would be to seek out a drug detoxification program.

Upon entering the redesigned detoxification program, adults and adolescents receive a full medical checkup. A member of the facility's medical team sits down and takes an inventory of what drugs a person has used over the past 72 hours. The medical professional needs this information, so specifics will be important to get from the drug addict. Once this is done, then the individual leaves his personal belongings in the care of a technician and enters the expanded detox area. The facility has added two additional spaces as part of its redesigned program.

The process lasts from 2-3 days for some and 5-6 days for others, depending upon how serious their case might be. While detoxing, symptoms can include an achy body, irritability, anxiety, nausea, hallucinations, and sleeplessness. The medical staff can offer medications to help make this process easier, but they will be weaning an individual off the drugs being used day by day.

When a person is finished with the detoxification portion of treatment, he or she will be willing and able to make decisions more rationally and listen to people clearly and efficiently

Click here for more information on Philadelphia PA Alcohol Drug Rehab. For a no-cost consultation, call 267-281-6852.

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