Author Cathy Margolin Offers 10 Tips for PMS Relief Naturally

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Margolin's “Stop Your Bitching Naturally!” & “30 Days of Tips” inform women.

Cathy Margolin, author of "Stop Your Bitching... naturally," helps women alleviate PMS symptoms without drugs.

I like my hormones on a short leash and house trained. My book is designed to empower women to gain control over their hormones, rather than hormones controlling them.

Drink filtered water, don’t microwave food in plastic dishes, and avoid artificial sweeteners are three of ten tips author Cathy Margolin advises women to follow in her new book, “Stop Your Bitching, a Step-by-Step Guide to Balance Hormones & End PMS & Menstrual Cramps...Naturally!”

The author, a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and frequent writer for the Huffington Post, demystifies Post Menstrual Syndrome in her book. Margolin details steps to lessen PMS pains and monthly period cramps without drugs.

Stop Your Bitching Naturally and its companion piece, “30 Days of Tips,” are discussed by Margolin at

Cathy Margolin said, “Women need to take control of PMS and put their bodies back into balance by reducing their extra estrogen, or Estrogen Dominance. They should be aware of products that contain chemicals that act like estrogen, causing many of their PMS symptoms.”

Available in book stores and at, “Stop Your Bitching Naturally,” takes a step by step approach to explaining and advising women how to “be proactive about PMS, not simply victims of what most women perceive to be a monthly problem.”

Margolin said, “Your body knows how to make hormones, which are like the operating system on your computer. The last thing you should be eating is artificial hormones or chemicals that make more hormones. Look at the food you are eating and consider where you might be adding estrogen into your body through additives and pesticides. Look for organic foods.”

Margolin’s Ten Tips to reduce estrogen dominance are:
1.    Drink filtered water, not tap water that may contain estrogen from hormones that get into water supply, and don’t drink water in plastic bottles since many contain harmful BPAs that act like estrogen.
2.    Eat meat certified hormone-free meat and drink “rBGH-free” milk.
3.    Choose “paraben free” products, especially for skin moisturizers, sunscreens, deodorants and shampoos.
4.    Microwave food in a glass or ceramic dish, not in plastic or styrofoam containers that can leach chemicals into the food.
5.    Avoid artificial sweeteners that can create havoc the body’s blood sugar balance by throwing off your hormonal balance and don’t use high fructose corn syrup.
6.    Wash your hands before eating. Xeno-estrogen can be found on cash register receipts and even our paper money.
7.    Eat cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts that help remove excess estrogen from the body’s filtration system.
8.    Have at least one bowel movement daily to avoid recycling estrogen.
9.    Exercise daily to keep blood moving and liver functioning optimally to cleanse blood.
10.    Use herbs to help reduce estrogen and cleanse the liver. Consider dang gui, white peony root and dandelion root as a tea or supplement.

Margolin struggled with debilitating PMS during her teen years and early adult years until taking control of it in the ways she details in her book.

“I like my hormones on a short leash and house trained. My book is designed to empower women to gain control over their hormones, rather than hormones controlling them,” Margolin said.

Margolin founded Pacific Herbs, based in Beverly Hills, to offer pharmaceutical-grade Traditional Chinese Herbs to medical professionals and consumers nationwide. Cathy Margolin, L.Ac. Dipl. OM is active in social media where she offers her expertise to help Americans and others about Traditional Chinese herbs at her health blog,, and at, and with a series of videos on Media contact BD(at)

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