Portfolio Prophet: Review Examining Bill Poulos’ Program Released

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Portfolio Prophet reviews have been flooding the Internet and PortfolioProphetReviews.org reveals the truth about this program that claims to be Poulos's best offering ever in terms of performance and value.

Portfolio Prophet Review

Portfolio Prophet Review

Bill Poulos’ claims that putting Portfolio Prophet in a brokerage account gives people total control over their destiny, conquering the fundamental flaw inherent with the old ‘buy-and-hold’ strategies that have proven fatal to so many investors has caught the attention of http://PortfolioProphetReviews.org ’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

“Portfolio Profit is an end-of-day position trading method that uses the flexibility of ETFs (exchange-traded funds). The system combines Poulos’ uncanny ETF trade setup with expert software that delivers the exact spot to place your trades with pin-point accuracy,” reports Stevenson. “Bill Poulos shares detailed instructions for his short trading technique to profit from market crashes, and the trade alerts are built right into the Portfolio Prophet software to help make sure you won’t be left holding an empty bag.” (To learn more go to the official site here.)

Portfolio Profit is software that contains the important ETF trading secret that can lead to bigger profits if the methods are used the right way. The product provides a feature that allows a bar-by-bar trade analysis, so that investors can see how easy it is to trade ETFs with the use of the method. Furthermore, Portfolio Prophet features the proprietary formula called the ‘Fast Filter Technique’ that filters the ETFs that are not good for investors’ portfolios, thereby decreasing trading risk loss. With a number of settings ranging from conservative to aggressive, this trade alert software helps traders decide which ETFs they must buy and sell and when to do so. It is also useful for providing traders with entry and exit signals and also makes it easier for them to identify Profit Targets and Stop Loss Orders.

“You get all the benefits of capturing emerging trends, and you avoid the harsh consequences of market sell-offs, without devoting your life to becoming a trading ‘geek’. The training materials empower you to know exactly what to do, and the accompanying software tells you exactly when to do it,” says Stevenson. “In his over 35 years of trading experience, Bill is known for the continuous, ongoing support and follow-up he gives his thousands of students.”

“Portfolio Prophet delivers the ultimate one-two punch for investors and position traders looking for a simple, highly accurate and fool-proof system. Bill Poulos has been trading the markets since 1974 and has developed dozens of trading systems and methods. Using this powerful system and software, investors and traders will create a new, sustainable income stream, grow their existing portfolio and protect what they already have, shield their brokerage accounts from huge loses, get the tools and education to think and trade for themselves, and accomplish all this with only a tiny time commitment per week.”

Those wishing to purchase Portfolio Prophet, or for more information, click here.

To access a comprehensive Portfolio Prophet review, visit http://portfolioprophetreviews.org/portfolio-prophet-review.

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