Genufood Enzymes Offering Genuine And Safe To Consume ProCellax DG1 At Discounted Prices

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A renowned and reliable online food supplement supplier, Genufood Enzymes is offering a wide range of genuine and safe to consume ProCellax DG1 at discounted prices.

Genufood Enzymes (S) Pte Ltd

Genufood Enzymes (S) Pte Ltd

Our premium product, ProCellax DG1 contains a tried and tested combination of protease enzymes.

Singapore based, Genufood Enzymes is a name synonymous with quality, affordability and reliability. It offers an array of genuine and safe to consume products that may include but not limited to Digestive enzymes, Immune health enzymes, Systemic enzymes, Ayala's herbal water, Adam's peak and Taninz premium. Besides quality, cost efficiency is the other prominent aspect of the entire product range on offer. A customer-oriented company, Genufood Enzymes offers a fine blend of quality products and commendable services to elevate the buying experience of clients to another level.

With intent to offer some insight into the digestive enzyme on offer, an executive at the Genufood Enzymes in a recent interview stated, “our signature offering, the ProCellax DG1 is an effective digestive enzyme, which offers a flurry of benefits to the user provided used regularly and in accordance with directions. As the name suggests, the product aids the digestive mechanism in an individual by helping the digestive system to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, dairy products and difficult-to-digest foods such as legumes, cruciferous vegetables and cereal grains.”

ProCellax DG1 on offer at Genufood Enzymes enhances the metabolism in the body of the user. It increases the nutrient absorption capability of the body and enhances bioavailability. It works on the entire digestive system and its functions. It has proven credentials in relieving the user from constant indigestion, gas and bloating. ProCellax DG1 supplements the digestive system by providing all-natural enzymes required in the process of breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins into essential nutrients.

Shedding some more light on the product, the executive further stated, “Our premium product, ProCellax DG1 contains a tried and tested combination of protease enzymes. The said enzyme is highly effective in a wide PH range in the digestive tract and helps hydrolyze protein into smaller peptides and amino acids. In addition to this, the formulation of the product includes a plethora of additional enzymes such as Cellulase, Bromelain, Serrapeptase, Papain And Alpha-Galactosidase. Cellulase present in the product is an enzyme responsible for breaking down cellulose, a complex polysaccharide in plant material.”

Another ingredient of the product, Bromelain, is a protein-digesting enzyme known to possess digestive properties. Serrapeptase, Peptizyme SP Brand, is a protein and fibrin-digesting, anti-inflammatory enzyme, which facilitates digestion. Moreover, ProCellax DG1 also contain Papain, which is an enzyme used as an effective digestive aid across centuries. It also contains Alpha-Galactosidase, an enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates common in legumes. The most remarkable feature of the product is that its ingredients are derived from non-genetically modified and non-animal sources making it suitable for vegetarians. Those who wish to know what is enzymes can visit the website of Genufood Enzymes. Therefore, one can say that Genufood Enzymes is an ideal destination for those who wish to buy online nutritional supplements at discounted prices.

About Genufood Enzymes:

With the base of operations in Singapore, Genufood Enzymes is a renowned online food supplement supplier. At the online store, one can buy high quality and safe to consume products including digestive enzymes, Immune health enzymes, Systemic enzymes, Ayala's herbal water, Adam's peak and Taninz premium. Apart from quality products, it also offers a bevy of services that can make the buying experience of the client secure, hassle free and rewarding. Apart from other quality products, Genufood Enzymes offers superior liver health supplements online at discounted prices.

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