BBQ Tank Pressure Gauges To Be Evaluated By Major Propane Publication

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Product Innovation Ltd (PI), the inventors of the electronic propane gauge known as the Propane GasGenie, are cooperating with Butane-Propane News to produce a review of the popular pressure gauge. Many consumers rely on these to warn them when their BBQ tank is running low.

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Having a video from a long established journal like Butane-Propane News will be a great asset in getting the science better understood. -- Peter Frank

Grilling using propane is very popular in the US with approximately 42 million households owning a propane based grill. And running out of gas in the middle of a BBQ is a very well known frustration. Consumers naturally look for a solution to the problem so that they can be warned in time to get the propane tank refilled or replaced before this happens. Equally naturally most consumers assume that the pressure in their tank will rise with the liquid level. They buy a pressure gauge only to find that it does not work as expected.

This is because propane is a liquefied gas and that means that while there is any liquid in the tank the pressure only relates to the temperature not the volume of liquid. This is a well known fact to anyone in the industry and to people with some knowledge of physics. But it is not understood by the general public who intuitively believe that the more gas there is in the tank the higher the pressure will be. After all when you pump up your car tire the pressure gets higher the more air you pump in. But air and propane are two entirely different gases.

Peter Frank approached Butane-Propane News with the concept that they might make a short video demonstrating that pressure and volume remaining were not related and found himself pushing against an open door.

John Needham, editor of BPN, immediately recognized the issue involved and saw it as an opportunity to educate the wider public.

He says "At BPN we have always known that pressure and gas remaining were not related. When Peter Frank got in touch with the video idea we saw an opportunity to spread this knowledge to the wider public."

It is anticipated that the video will be very simple and short. For example it might show a BBQ propane tank full, half full and nearly empty. And then demonstrate that the pressure gauge needle does not change.

Peter Frank says "The Propane GasGenie website has a graph showing the relationship between pressure and temperature. But the impact of a graph is bound to be limited. Having a video from a long established journal like Butane-Propane News will be a great asset in getting the science better understood ."

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