Prospect Enterprise & Media Company, LLC (PEMCO, LLC) has launched a new kind of radio talk show, The Daniel Jackson Show

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The show’s topics will reveal many hidden facts about Americana that you may never hear anywhere else.

We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Daniel Jackson Show ( will cover hot topics such as, Is racism in America systemic? It will expose the secrets about America’s failed Judicial system and the Rise and Fall of Donald Trump and its impact on the Conservative movement.

The facts revealed on the show may surprise you.

Racism cannot be solved by slogans, incendiary rhetoric, or the banning of words. The Daniel Jackson show will reveal interesting and historical facts whose timeline predates America. It will also reveal certain aspects of racism that is seldom discussed, such as internecine racism and discrimination within the races. This is what causes some of the violence that occurs among members of the same minority groups. The listeners will also learn that in many areas of southern states, such as in Georgia and Alabama, Jim Crow practices are very much alive and well.

The show will have actual accounts of these Jim Crow practices and why they have gone almost unnoticed outside of these Southern States. The movie "Just Mercy" a true story about a Black man who was on death row in a prison in Alabama, without even having a trial! Jamie Fox was the leading star. This was not a story that happened during the height of the Jim Crow era, but in 1989.

Facts about the failed Judicial System will shed light on why police shootings and selective prosecutions will continue. Anger and riots will increase if this failed Judicial system is not changed. The massive failure of this corrupt system costs taxpayers billions, ruins lives and destroys families.

Political partisan posturing, name calling, and slogans only divide the country. Talk for the sake of talk maybe as entertaining as a carnival barker, but it will never get you the prize, which should be the truth. This is not another political talk show, it is a show’s whose single mission if to give the light of truth, with carefully researched facts.

The Daniel Jackson Show can be heard on Podcast, including Spotify (

LIVE 365, ( and Apple Podcast. Daniel Jackson's twitter account is

Daniel Jackson, is 17 years old, his insight and knowledge far exceeds his age. Like one of his heroes, Thomas Sowell, he is only interested in truth, backed up by research and never an agenda.

The Daniel Jackson Show’s mission is to shed the light of truth and give hope to those Americans who are seriously concerned about America’s Future, which for the present moment appears to be in serious doubt.

Thank you May God help America to see the error of her ways

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