Questions Emerge From Sacramento Shooting Arrests Surrounding Gun Violence and Gang Violence, Says Georgia 6th Congressional District Candidate Blake Harbin

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Blake Harbin explains why Joe Biden's potential ideas on gun control could be hazardous to the American people.

“If more citizens acted in a goodwill manner such as that, we’d be in a much safer place."

The Sacramento Police department are continuing to look into the deadly mass shooting that took place this past weekend, resulting in the six deaths and 12 injuries. As suspects are arrested from the shooting, an interesting subject came about—gang violence.

All five of the suspects arrested thus far have ties with gangs, with the shootings taking place after an altercation between them. Details on that are still sketchy, as Sacramento police are continuing to get information from witnesses and social media video footage.

With that, Blake Harbin, who not only serves as CEO of Houzzle Financial but is also currently running for the seat for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, announced his full support of Sacramento police in the matter—and raised questions about if gun control is the answer.

“Criminals can and will continue to be criminals,” said Harbin, adding, “Using tragedies such as this to crack down on gun violence is utterly ridiculous. The only people that these theoretical laws affect are law-abiding citizens who have a right to defend themselves and ‘keep and bear arms’, as guaranteed to us in our great country’s constitution.”

Harbin believes part of this could also be tied in with illegal immigration, which has resulted in a rise in criminal activity over the years. In fact, in Georgia along, illegal immigrants have cost the state $2.4 billion. While that’s a fraction of California’s $21.76 billion cost, it’s a figure that’s hard to ignore.

“The weapons used in the recent Sacramento shootings were not only stolen by gang members, but modified to the extent that they would have been illegal as they were converted to automatic rifles,” Harbin explained. “Anyone can get their hands on one, even immigrants.”

President Joe Biden recently offered a proposed solution to curtail future mass shootings, such as the Sacramento tragedy, to tighten the laws surrounding private gun ownership. However, the 2nd amendment in the Constitution clearly states that citizens have the right to bear arms, mainly as a way to keep themselves defended from criminals.

Not to mention that Harbin believes taking away guns isn’t the answer, as it would leave some citizens incapable of defending themselves from such a matter. “Rather than turning current lawful gun owners by criminalizing guns, we need to keep firearms in the hands of people to protect their families and communities from criminals, whether they be in gangs or lone wolves trying to break into our homes or businesses.”

Once again, Harbin voiced support for the police, believing their hands would be full should Biden’s anti-gun laws come to pass, stating, “Passing laws banning citizens from owning guns would allow gangs to run roughshod over all of us, including who knows how many people in this country illegally. Imagine the scenario. Formerly law-abiding armed citizens would become ‘criminals.’”

He continued, “If private gun ownership was outlawed, and if someone was breaking into my home and I chased them away, I’d be dragged off to jail for stopping a crime. We must not allow bad politicians to exploit emotions to pass gun laws.”

With that, Harbin pointed out a recent story in which a consumer in Philadelphia was able to stop an alleged robber using a registered firearm. The state had currently put something into place where more citizens would be able to get guns much more efficiently, in the hopes of stopping the rising criminal rate.

“Philadelphia sets an interesting example of how private citizens can make a difference against criminals,” Harbin noted. “It would be great to see more states do this. For example, Georgia currently has a higher property crime rate over national levels, by around 17 percent. With more citizens able to do something against criminals, we could see some difference made.

“If more citizens acted in a goodwill manner such as that, we’d be in a much safer place,” Harbin concluded.

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