New Book Offers 100 Rules for Succeeding in Business

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Robert Stevenson, one of the world’s leading authorities on business success and personal achievement, gives powerful, practical, and thought provoking insights on how to succeed in his new book, ‘Raise Your Line.’ This book is based on twenty-five years of research from over 10,000 interviews Mr. Stevenson has personally conducted with employees, managers and senior executives in over 250 industries.

'Raise Your Line' by Robert Stevenson

‘Raise Your Line’ will help anyone become more focused in everything they do; it is an action-oriented manual with specific steps to take that are relevant to high performing winners.

The book, ‘Raise Your Line,’ is a roadmap to business success. Robert Stevenson gives us that rare gem of a book—the perfect combination of proven business tactics solidly grounded in years of research. ‘Raise Your Line’ offers guidelines and practical to-do’s to help any company or person succeed in business. Mr. Stevenson is an expert at building a high performance business culture and his new book contains winning strategies, techniques, methods, thoughts, principles and key habits for success that will empower anyone towards a better future. In his book, Mr. Stevenson walks readers step-by-step, through how to improve their business performance, leadership skills, and reach their career goals.

‘Raise Your Line’ is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed in today's competitive business world. Throughout his book, Mr. Stevenson has highlighted points which are particularly important to success, (there are over 100 of them in the book). So, by simply scanning through the pages, anyone will easily find countless ways to improve. Not only does he identify and explain the things readers should work on improving, he then tells them how. ‘Raise Your Line’ will help anyone become more focused in everything they do; it is an action-oriented manual with specific steps to take that are relevant to high performing winners.

Praise for This Book (from book reviews on Amazon):

➢    “In clear concise terms, complete with humorous, real world examples combined with real world anecdotes Robert Stevenson brings a clear sense of normalcy and commonsense to the traits needed to grow any business. As he so aptly highlights and focuses on, it truly is the little things that can make a huge difference between being mediocre and excelling. He uses his vast experience to cut-to-the-chase and provides useable information for every business owner or corporate executive. Whether you are confused about profitably expanding your business or just want to differentiate your firm from everyone else ‘Raise Your Line’ is compelling and a must read.”

➢    "This was a quick read which left a tremendous impact. Through humor, common sense and memorable quotes it leaves you feeling uplifted and empowered. A must read for business owners, managers, entrepreneurs and recent grads."

➢    "This book should be required reading by every company Owner, CEO, President, Senior Executive and General Managers."

➢    “Whether you're an employee, manager or business owner, ‘Raise Your Line’ will help set the direction of your personal goals along with your professional performance in the business world. This book should be kept in plain sight and reviewed frequently to help you become who you aspire to be.”

Raise Your Line’ is based on years of research Mr. Stevenson has conducted with some of the largest companies in the world, along with his personal reflections of the things he has learned in over 30 years of running his own businesses. Therefore, the ideas he shares in his book come from people who have lived these experiences, not just studied them. Readers will be able to shorten their learning curve and advance both personally and professionally by applying the proven practices. Robert has distilled extensive leadership lessons into simple and actionable guidelines. With the insights from this book, anyone can raise their level of success. It is simple, yet brilliant.

About the Author
Robert Stevenson is one of the most widely sought after speakers today, as well as a best-selling author. Over 2 million people have benefitted from his public and private seminars. With over 30 years of extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he understands what it takes to succeed. Robert is a man who knows how to deal with the risks, competition, and the ever-changing business arena. He has spoken to over 2,500 companies and his research into what makes companies and people successful is extensive. He calls upon his knowledge of what he has learned from some of the most innovative, resourceful, and powerful companies in the world and shares this wisdom with his audiences and readers. With a blend of experience, research, case studies, and competitor perspectives, Robert helps organizations, business leaders, and associates understand how to unleash their future potential. Millions of people have benefitted from his insightful programs. Mr. Stevenson’s client list reads like a Who’s Who in business. Companies like FedEx, Caterpillar, Prudential, Lockheed Martin, Carrier, Anheuser-Busch, Chevron, American Express, and Berkshire Hathaway have invited him to share his fresh, unique perspective on businesses’ most crucial issues. For more information about Mr. Stevenson, please visit

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‘Raise Your Line’
Seeking Excellence Publishing;
December 2015;
$22.95: Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9654765-5-3
$ 3.99: E-book ISBN 978-0-9654765-6-0

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