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Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic is now performing a groundbreaking rapid opiate detox procedure that frees patients from opiate addiction in just 8 hours. More information is available online at

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) June 23, 2014

Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic is now offering their groundbreaking 8-hour rapid opiate detox to the public. The clinic’s groundbreaking procedure has been developed by licensed doctors over the last five years and has been safely performed on more than 500 patients without any complications.

The 500 patients who have successfully undergone the rapid detox procedure traveled to the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic from various states across the United States. All 500 patients tolerated the procedure extremely well and awoke from the anesthesia showing zero signs of physical withdrawal from opiates. All 500 of the rapid detox patients were discharged after a short two-day hospital stay showing no signs of physical addiction to opiates. The groundbreaking rapid detox procedure differs from standard opiate detox procedures that usually require patients to endure 10 to 14 days of extremely difficult physical withdrawal before they can even start psychological rehab treatment to quit their opiate addictions.

The Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic has successfully performed more than 500 rapid detox procedures since 2007. Their groundbreaking rapid detox procedure has successfully shortened the standard 10 to 14 days of physical withdrawal of traditional detox procedures to only eight hours. Eight hours that is spent under anesthesia in the operating room at North Vista Hospital under the care of a board-certified MD anesthesiologist.

In follow up reviews with all 500 of the recent rapid detox patients there were zero signs of physical withdrawal or complications from the procedure in any of them.

Before undergoing the procedure all patients had agreed in writing to follow up with substance abuse counseling for 6 – 12 months upon returning to their home states to treat the psychological aspects of addiction and to prevent relapses.

According to the CDC, 40,000 Americans needlessly die from drug overdoses every year. Millions more suffer from opiate addiction and the struggles it brings everyday. Unlike regular rehab, Dr Yee’s 8-hour treatment under anesthesia does not give patients opportunity to check themselves out from the facility prematurely because they could not stand the physical withdrawal. The prospect of quitting without the physical withdrawal should encourage many people with opiate drug addiction to seek treatment to quit.

Due to the success of the recent procedures, the Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic plans to extend the rapid detox program to hospital in states other then Nevada.

Those interested in more information about Las Vegas Rapid Detox Clinic can reach them at (800) 276-7021 or online at or


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