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Share Article released reasons to consider a satellite TV purchase over other television providers following the release of the Miami Herald’s November 6th article, entitled “Rising Costs, Ease of Streaming Are Driving Viewers Away from Pay TV”.

Satellite TV News Network released three reasons to consider a satellite TV purchase over a cable purchase or online television service. This release came on the heels of the Miami Herald’s article, published on November 6th and titled “Rising Costs, Ease of Streaming Are Driving Viewers Away from Pay TV”. The article revealed the increasing trend to deviate from paid television services, instead relying upon network sites and streaming options for television needs. Though the article identified the reasons for this trend, it did not reveal the potential downfalls of using the internet as the sole source of television viewing. stepped in to identify these pitfalls.

Glenn Garvin’s Miami Herald article began by identifying one man’s difficulties with his cable provider, resulting from the provider’s failure to install the necessary equipment following his relocation. This failure prompted the individual to eschew cable in favor of online television viewing. Garvin then went on to identify the downfalls of the television industry, including complicated set up processes and potential hidden fees, as well as the tendency for TV providers to bundle channels that consumers may not wish to purchase. In addition, many individuals have turned to the convenience of online TV services over the “plugged in” nature of satellite and cable TV services.

Though many people are turning away from cable companies in favor of online television services, these individuals fail to acknowledge the pitfalls of online TV services such as Netflix and Hulu. Below are realized three potential failings, and how the alternative, satellite TV, holds up under the same failing:

1. Internet television providers do not offer a vast range of current films and TV shows. Though they do offer some popular shows, the number of television shows that are offered is constantly in flux, and does not accurately reflect the number of shows available overall. Satellite TV providers, however, offer consistency in service, and offer a wide, varied range of television shows and channels.

2. Network websites do not allow up-to-date viewing, some even requiring subscriptions. Though many networks do allow their shows to be seen online for free, the shows are not viewable via immediate streaming, some requiring up to a week’s wait. Still others require payment or a subscription to the network in order to view shows as they are broadcast. Satellite television does allow users to view TV as it is broadcast, and requires a monthly fee to view multiple channels and shows, rather than charging per network.

3. Online television viewing does require installation; unless users visit local eateries or libraries for Wi-Fi, they must first deal with internet companies requiring set up fees and charges, just as satellite and cable television require installation. For this reason, internet viewing does not offer a true “cut cord” experience, but is susceptible to the same pitfalls present in satellite and cable TV. To avoid difficulties in installation, work diligently with satellite providers to ensure that the installation process is a seamless, smooth transition.

Glenn Garvin is a regular correspondent for the Miami Herald, his work focusing on the entertainment industry. He composes articles offering up-to-date news and articles regarding film and television, as well as reviews.

Though the Miami Herald’s Glenn Garvin used the presence of a trend to suggest that satellite and cable television will see a decrease in users in favor of online TV viewing, he did not acknowledge the pitfalls in online TV services. Satellite TV News Network revealed that these pitfalls lend a hand to satellite TV services, as they may provide greater service for the price than internet TV providers, offering far greater variety in available channels and shows, as well as offering more customizable services, including parental controls and the ability to record television shows and movies that they may have missed otherwise. To learn more about satellite TV packages and pricing, recommends that consumers visit this service website,

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