Sense Financial Reveals How They Had a Significant Increase in Clients Setting up a Retirement Plan for Self Employed

Sense Financial President Dmitriy Fomichenko shared the reasons why the Solo 401k plan is the ultimate retirement plan for self employed individuals. He discussed the benefits of checkbook control to the public, as well as the company’s principles on investing and financial planning, which drew attention from individuals to set up their own solo 401k account.

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We have seen those who save for their retirement had very limited investment options and we believe that if people are aware of the options available for them when it comes to investing for retirement, they will be much better equipped.

Miami, FL (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

The recent TV appearance of Sense Financial made a significant increase in the number of clients signing up for the Solo 401k. Dmitriy Fomichenko, President and Founder of Sense Financial, discussed the importance of setting up a retirement plan for self employed individuals, particularly for small business owners and those people who work for themselves. He also shared the company's guiding principles on financial planning and investing. The discussion with 21st Century Business Program had drawn interests from private individuals and existing retirement account holders, making it a good choice for a more productive retirement.

A Solo 401k plan is offered to consumers and small business owners as a retirement solution, particularly in the midst of economic downturn. Mr. Fomichenko stated, "We have seen in the last few years that banks fail. We have even seen inability of our own government to reconcile and manage spending. We have seen those who save for their retirement had very limited investment options. We believe that if people are aware of the options available for them when it comes to investing for retirement, they will be much better equipped."

Sense Financial offers the best retirement plan for self employed people through the Solo 401 k and the Self Directed IRA. These plans allow investors to grow, control, and manage their retirement savings. Sense Financial believed that through the recent television appearance, many retirement account holders were enlightened with the advantages that the Solo 401k provides. He emphasized details about self-directed retirement accounts with the checkbook control feature. Mr. Fomichenko also shared how the retirement plan for self employed individuals could be used easily and conveniently when investing into non-traditional assets, specifically real estate. He added, “We offer a self-directed retirement account that comes with the checkbook control, and that means our clients now have a whole world of investment options available for them. Our clients can invest their retirement funds in non-traditional investments such as real estate, mortgage notes, precious metals, tax liens, and tax deeds. They can simply use their retirement accounts to lend money to others. They can become a bank.”

Being passionate about helping individuals and families obtain financial independence by following proven biblical principles of investing, as well as financial planning and educating them about the available options, are principles that Sense Financial constantly applies. Sense Financial believes that through these principles, retirement account holders and individuals would be better equipped when it comes to safer retirement.

Sense Financial is California's leading provider of retirement accounts with "Checkbook Control": the Solo 401k and the Checkbook IRA. Over the years, they have assisted hundreds of clients in obtaining checkbook control over their retirement accounts, while providing them with the ability to invest in virtually any investment class, including real estate, private lending, mortgage notes and much more without the need for custodian approval.

To learn more about the solutions they provide, please contact: (949) 228-9393


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