RF Technologies (RFT) to Introduce Umbilical Transmitter Option for the SAFE PLACE Infant Security Solution

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RF Technologies (RFT) offering a NEW option for the SAFE PLACE infant security product line.

SAFE PLACE Umbilical Transmitter

“The best security solutions are a combination of integrated electronic systems along with human vigilance and solid procedures. The Safe Place System exists to provide the added layer of security needed when the human element fails.” Josh Lutzke, Director HBU Sales

RF Technologies (RFT) is proud to introduce a new infant security transmitter option that attaches directly to the umbilical cord clamp for its SAFE PLACE® infant security system. A long-time innovator in the infant security marketplace, RFT recently celebrated its 25th year protecting infants with the SAFE PLACE® system, the first RFID-based security system for hospital Birthing units. Designed and developed with input from nurses and customizable for individual hospitals’ varied security requirements, the SAFE PLACE product line protects infants and children without interfering with everyday workflow.

According to founder and CEO Glen Jonas, the SAFE PLACE Umbilical Transmitter offers many advantages. A post on the small, lightweight transmitter tag attaches directly to a standard umbilical clamp. Immediately following delivery, a nurse activates the transmitter to enroll the infant and then applies the clamp to the umbilical cord stump. All of this happens seamlessly during the standard procedure for clamping the umbilical cord.

The transmitter remains on the infant for the duration of the baby’s hospital stay and works in a similar way as umbilical tags from other infant security vendors, allowing for ease of training, implementation, and integration in facilities where like systems are already in place—with the added benefit of the confidence that comes with a product supported by 30+ years of expertise in providing healthcare safety and security solutions.

RF Security Monitoring
The system functions via active RFID from the transmitter communicating with receivers installed in exit pathways; if an infant is brought to a monitored doorway, the infant will be detected, and staff will receive an immediate alert. Alarming Band Receivers are installed throughout the secured area, to provide additional notification if the transmitter is unable to communicate with the system. The need for such security systems—to prevent both intentional and inadvertent mishaps, is very real.

RFT’s Director of Hospital Sales, Josh Lutzke, adds, “The best security solutions are a combination of integrated electronic systems along with human vigilance and solid procedures. By educating nurses, staff, and parents, in most cases, you can prevent an infant abduction before it happens. The Safe Place System exists to provide the added layer of security needed when the human element fails. Infant abductions from hospitals are rare, but it’s important for staff in any facility caring for infants to always be aware of the threat.”

Tag Features
As the tag attaches to a standard umbilical cord clamp, no proprietary banding is required, resulting in greater staff efficiency and faster enrollment time (the baby is protected virtually from the moment of birth). Upon the infant’s discharge, nursing staff turns off the transmitter during the standard procedure for removing the umbilical cord clamp. The re-usable tags are small, unobtrusive, and have a minimum three-month battery life (low battery indicator verifies status). In addition, they are water-resistant, and can be cleaned with many widely-used hospital disinfectants.

SAFE PLACE Infant Security Solutions
Keeping newborns safe is critical for parents. A reputation for providing a secure, welcoming environment is key to attracting new patients in a competitive healthcare market. RFT’s SAFE PLACE infant security solutions protect the smallest patients, give families peace of mind, and reduce the risk of abduction, while at the same time reducing institutional liability.

About RF Technologies
RF Technologies (RFT) is a leading provider of safety and security solutions for senior living, healthcare, hospitality, and education, leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID) and real-time locating system (RTLS) technologies. The RFT brand family includes CODE ALERT® call and wander management systems, SAFE PLACE® patient security systems, SENSATEC® fall management products, HELP ALERT® staff duress systems, and EXACTRACK® equipment location systems. With more than 10,000 installations, RFT was the first in the industry to offer remote monitoring, RF consulting, 24/7 technical support by internal staff specialists, and a nationwide service team. Backed by 30+ years of experience, RFT solutions are UL-certified to meet today’s life safety standards and can be integrated with other systems for an improved total cost of ownership. For more information visit: http://www.rft.com

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