Rodent Guys, AKA Gopher Guys, Say Summer 2014's Gopher Control in Riverside and Corona Will Be a Bigger Challenge

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Riverside and Corona, CA gopher removal Riverside and Corona, CA gopher removal efforts are being affected by the changes in laws in recent years. Since the changes, gopher exterminators have not met the challenge of controlling gophers by evolving with the changes.

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Riverside and Corona Gopher Control and Pest Elimination by Rodent Guys

Rodent Guys, AKA Gopher Guys, has seen drastic changes in gopher control efforts in the past few years in Riverside and Corona. Summer of 2014 promises to be the most difficult season to date for gopher control. A business once controlled by powerful chemicals that required little training and effort has changed significantly. These chemicals are no longer allowed in most gopher extermination situations.

Some companies have changed to another chemical that is still allowed but it too went through some changes. The second most common chemical which was sold in higher strength to professional licensed companies is no longer sold. The lower strength, currently sold at local hardware stores, is being used by professionals.

The high strength gopher bait is simply not manufactured anymore because the raw material used to produce it is no longer available in ample quantity. The poison bait's active ingredient is strychnine. Lethal to rodents and family pets alike, Gopher Guys does not use this as a first choice gopher control product in Riverside or Corona, CA.

Gopher Guys uses non-poison bait methods for gopher control in Riverside and Corona. A one-two punch is used to exterminate gophers. Trapping and carbon monoxide gas are used to eliminate gophers.

Gopher traps are placed inside the tunnels of the gophers. As the gophers traverse the burrow system, they are caught inside of the trap. After Gopher Guys removes the gophers from the traps, the carbon monoxide gas treatments are performed.

This method is used by Gopher Guys in Riverside and Corona gopher control and is pet friendly. Dog owners can be relieved to know there is an alternative to gopher removal without poison bait that puts their pet at risk.

Besides poison being a risk to pets, it is less effective than these methods. Poison bait must be eaten by the rodent. If it does not eat the poison, no control of rodents is seen. If you compare poison to trapping, where the gopher simply walks into the trap with out knowing it was there, poison is much less effective. If a gopher is missed, the carbon monoxide gas is the second method used. This method requires the gopher to breathe to be exposed to the gas.

Gopher Guys has evolved with changes for Riverside and Corona gopher extermination. The Gopher Guys methods are modern, effective and much safer than old outdated techniques.

To back up the Gopher Guys techniques, Riverside and Corona gopher eradication comes with a 60-day guarantee. From the day they start their gopher control efforts and throughout an impressive 60 days, all call backs are unlimited and at no extra charge.

If your gopher control company does not provide a similar program or guarantee give the Gopher Guys a call. More information about Gopher Guys can be found on their website at

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