Reflexology and Dogs: Royal Flush Havanese Offers Tips on Keeping Your Canine Content

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Royal Flush Havanese shares with readers the unique benefits that reflexology offers.

Reflexology can... increase strength and healing, increase the speed of immune response, control vomiting, and manage chronic pain.

When a dog becomes injured, there are usually several different treatment options available. One viable option for canines that has recently garnered attention is reflexology, otherwise known as acupressure. Reflexology is very similar to acupuncture, except instead of needles, finger and hand pressure are used. This holistic technique can also be used to improve an uninjured canine’s balance, relaxation, and circulation. Acupressure works by applying repetitive pressure over a reflex point in order to increase circulation in that area. For injured pets, applying firm and unchanging pressure on a reflex point will reduce circulation and feeling at that spot, reducing pain and soreness. Reflexology can also work to increase strength and healing, increase the speed of immune response, control vomiting, and manage chronic pain.

The most commonly worked reflexology point on canines is the paw. Reflexology in this area can help relieve soreness and stiffness from everyday wear and tear on the pads of the feet– almost like a foot massage. To begin, sit down next to the dog, at a time when he/she is relaxed. Gently pick up one paw, and use a finger or thumb to firmly apply repetitive pressure onto the paw. Work over each pad of the foot, and end by gently massaging between each of the pads. Some dogs may also enjoy having the bottom of their legs massaged, similar to the ankles of a human.

Other key areas include the stomach, the bladder, and a spot known as GB 20. To provide acupressure for the stomach, look for a spot below the knee of the canine, outside the edge of the tibia. Massaging this area will increase general energy, relieve arthritis, increase circulation for the lower legs, and can also help with digestion. The bladder is the best spot to help with the lower back, hips, and hind end. This is located within the canine’s Popliteal Fossa, behind the knee on the back of the rear leg. Working this area can also help to reduce pain, stiffness, and constipation. GB 20 is located underneath the occipital bone, within the ‘dimples’ at the base of the skull. Massaging this area will balance out nervousness and irritability, as well as seizures and sinus infections.

Although these are just a sampling of reflex points, reflexology methods can be applied almost anywhere on a canine’s body, to help heal almost any ailment. Lucky Dog Health has a detailed chart (found here) outlining major acupressure points for dogs and how to alleviate symptoms ranging from bronchitis, eye discomfort, kidney weakness, and digestive problems.

Before attempting to perform reflexology on a dog, all owners should make sure they research how to perform acupressure on that specific area. Videos found online can be extremely helpful, and several online courses are available as well. If a dog appears to be in pain, stop the reflexology on that reflex point immediately. Royal Flush Havanese recommends that all injured dogs be checked by a veterinarian before attempting to perform any treatment.

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