Blade Runner Golf Strives to Offer a Superior Sand Wedge with Its Unique New Design that Can Transform Your Confidence Level with Short Game Shots Instantly

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Having confidence with a particular type of driver to a sand wedge is half the battle of hitting quality shots and scoring well because with confidence you can keep your swing flowing smoothly through the entire shot instead of rushing and looking up too soon to see the results.

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A Superior Sand Wedge with a Unique Design that can Transform Your Confidence Level with Short Game Shots Instantly

The driver and sand wedge may be the two most important clubs in your bag to have confidence with. If a player is having trouble with their tee shots and consistently missing the fairway they are more apt to lose that determination to fight for a good score. Every golfer knows there will be plenty of greens that are going to need a little assistance with a wedge before they get a putter in their hands which make these two clubs very important to have confidence with to be able to play your best.

Blade Runner Golf’s Black Magic hybrid sand wedge is very easy to hit from any type of a lie. This can give golfers the confidence needed to pitch shots to a specific spot on the green instead of just hoping they can get on the green. If you ever played or watched a pitcher under hand a slow pitch to a batter you would see that their arm is working pretty much straight back and smoothly all the way to the batter. The palm of their hand has stayed open all the way to their target. The Black Magic 56 degree sand wedge was designed so players could apply this same simple technique in pitching a golf ball to the target.

Some of the reasons this patented design sand wedge will not only make short shots much easier but also full shots that will have great spin and control. This all lies with a zero degree bounce angle at impact. The leading edge will get under the ball very quickly even from tight lies without digging or getting stuck. This club will slide very easily over the turf or through the sand so players can complete the follow through just like pitching the soft ball to the batter. Another feature about this club is that the leading edge wraps completely around the heel of the club with the hosel attached to the body which allows a player to turn this 56 degree wedge into a 60 degree without ever hitting a shank.

The picture on the right shows the comparison of the Black Magic Sand Wedge along with a standard sand wedge. The first picture shows the Black Magic Sand Wedge does not require that perfect pinch behind the ball to get good spin and results. Second picture players can forget about a shank. Third picture show the Black Magic Wedge was designed to lay the face open naturally for great cut shots. The fourth picture shows players do not have to be so precise in entering the sand. Players can enter the sand 6 to 8 inches behind the ball and get good results with Black Magic Wedge.


Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is a company devoted to the notion that a golfer’s short game can make all the difference in his or her final score—but you can take your short game to the next level only if you have the right equipment. Black Magic’s hybrid wedges Conform to USGA rules, but also helps golf enthusiasts find new precision and power as they make their way onto the putting green. Black Magic Wedge can be accessed on the web at:

Black Magic Wedge
2519 McMullen Booth Rd
Suite 510-129
Clearwater, FL 33761
Phone 727-726-5737
Toll Free 877-799-6099

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