is Dr. Bo Bennett’s New Web-based Tool for Creating and Sharing Satirical, Witty News Headlines

Share Article is a fun web-based tool for creating and sharing satirical headlines that are paired with photos, providing a unique way to interact on social media. is an easy-to-use web-based tool that offers a friendly interface for creating a headline and subheading, adding a photo, and then sharing on Facebook, Google, Twitter and more.

In the ever-changing and growing landscape of social media and real time newsfeeds, it’s easy to miss important and interesting stories while scrolling through the unending blast of links. What seems to matter most? Catchy, enticing headlines. In his new web-based tool, Dr. Bo Bennett offers everyone the opportunity to create imaginative headlines for fictitious news stories. It’s an entertaining way to get in on the fun of crafting clever headlines that can be shared with a photo across social media sites.

How does it work? is an easy-to-use web-based tool that offers a friendly interface for creating a headline and subheading, adding a photo, and then sharing on Facebook, Google +, Twitter and more. With a little bit of imagination, humor and a photo, anyone can take part in today’s battle of the headlines to keep social media friends and followers coming back for more. It only takes a few minutes to create and post, and no sign-up or registration is required.

Sharing photos on social media is standard practice and Bennett’s web-based tool adds a new level of interest for both posting and enjoying the plethora of images that filter endlessly through newsfeeds and notifications. In a society that moves too fast on borrowed time, clicking through to every article (and taking the time to read all of them) just isn’t possible.

“Most people read the headlines in social media,” says Bennett, “and in this case they will get the benefit of 90% of the joke, without having to read an entire article.” is an ingenious and creative way to share photos at a time when social media trends are getting stale. Facebook becomes old and annoying quickly when newsfeeds deliver yet another picture of a cat playing with his toy. Share that picture with a quick-witted headline—Frisky the Feline Comes Clean About Catnip Addiction After Years of Sniffing Toy Mice: “I Inhaled”—and suddenly it’s a humorous post that will likely elicit some laughter, and hopefully encourage social media users to be inventive and have some fun while sharing their own photos.

Followers of’s Facebook page will have access to new headline posts directly in their newsfeeds.

Dr. Bennett is available for interviews and speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

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Bo Bennett has a PhD in social psychology, and is a successful serial entrepreneur and published author. In addition to, Bennett is the creator and host of his podcast series, and administers several other online projects including a series of online courses in critical thinking, positive humanism, personal achievement and success, and more. For full details on Bo and his current projects, visit

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