Urges Readers to Be Diligent in Seeking Best Coverage Available

Share Article responded to an article in Life Health Pro, published on August 29th and entitled “Redesigning Life Insurance: How Carriers Can Help”, which discussed insurance’s recent numbers, and how they are both positive and troubling.

Following an August 29th Life Health Pro article titled “Redesigning Life Insurance: How Carriers Can Help”, urged readers to carefully search for life insurance, including Maine term life insurance, whole life, and group life insurance. Not all policies are created equal, nor are prices going to be even across the board. In light of the information presented in Ron Herrmann’s article, strongly encouraged readers to consider multiple companies and life insurance options before leaping to purchase an insurance policy.

Ron Herrmann began his abovementioned discussion with insurance statistics, alleging that 3 in every 10 American adults are uninsured entirely, while 50 percent of the insured believe that they are underinsured. Middle class families were the greatest offenders when it comes to being insured, as over 36 million of middle class families believe they are not adequately insured. While the insurance industry’s monetary numbers have experienced a steady increase, the amount of people actually purchasing insurance either remains static or experiences only slight increases. Herrmann attributes this gap to insurance companies’ failure to adequately educate consumers about the perks and possibilities of life insurance, instead either using scare tactics or ignoring the importance of conducting a thorough examination of a family’s needs. Herrmann also notes a trend in most business areas of people placing more trust in professionals boasting specializations, rather than professionals boasting a general knowledge. Herrmann encourages insurance companies to develop specialties, or offering classes or certificates to general professionals to increase consumer appeal. Finally, Herrmann challenged insurance companies and brokers alike to strive to connect with potential customers on a more human and relatable level, using simple terms when discussing possible coverage, and tailoring plans to fit families’ specific needs.

As Herrmann’s article showed, insurance companies recognize failures in the realm of connecting to customers and providing plans tailored to exactly what customers need. As they realize this failure, however, more insurance companies are working to rectify past mistakes. When searching for a life insurance policy, whether it is Maine term life insurance or a small-town whole life insurance policy, do not merely take the first offer. Instead, consider taking a time to meet with several different agents and companies, and discuss all available options. Though term life is typically the most advisable, a whole life insurance policy may better fit the needs of some families. Be sure to be straightforward in all needs and desires regarding life insurance, to ensure that both the insurance agent and the insured are pleased with the end result.

Ron Herrmann is a writer for Life Health Pro, a website devoted to providing news to insurance agents and advisors. The site strives to uphold strict integrity regarding news and news sources, acting as a trusted source for insurance agents and companies. encouraged readers to be straightforward and assertive in choosing an insurance policy that best suit’s the insured person their family’s needs. This can be done in multiple ways, the easiest of which involves accepting several quotes on several different types of life insurance, in order to gain a better idea of what can be expected. In addition, when meeting with an agent or advisor, be honest and forthright in expressing needs and concerns. Do not accept a quote that does not provide what was anticipated or expected; instead, move on to another type of insurance or another company. From Maine term life insurance to Utah whole life insurance, be sure to choose an insurance policy that effectively suits the insured’s needs.

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