Sensual Power Words: Review Examining Nick Richards’ New Book Released

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Sensual Power Words reviews have been flooding the Internet, and reveals the truth about this book that claims, unlike other PUA books, it includes no complicated pickup lines that men can mess up delivering.

Sensual Power Words Review

Sensual Power Words Review

Famed pickup artist Nick Richards’ new book, Sensual Power Words, that claims even the average-looking Joe can harness what they learn, so they know what to say to a woman and how to say it to instantly spark feelings or desire has caught the attention of’s Stan Stevenson, prompting an investigative review.

Sensual Power Words aims to provide a blueprint of exactly what you need to say in order to trigger interest from a woman and spark emotions such as desire or lust. You can start using the advice you learn from this book right out of the box,” reports Stevenson. “Unlike a lot of PUA books that would like to tell you exactly how an inner makeover has to happen, what’s great about Sensual Power Words is that even men who aren't necessarily that attractive, lack confidence, or just haven’t had all that much luck can follow this blueprint.”

Sensual Power Words does delve into female psychology and how to understand it. It’s effective at creating a mindset to get one motivated to actually use these techniques. There is a lot of emphasis on being as non-scripted as possible and unlike a lot of other PUA techniques, this book isn’t intimidating to use. There are simple words and phrases that men can slip into any conversation to pique interest in a woman they are trying to hook up with while others can help gauge how far they’ve progressed into getting women where they want to be.”

“Sensual Power Words is especially great for men who have been on a losing streak in dating and need something to rebuild that confidence in themselves and their approach. Nick Richards does outline some guidelines on things like grooming and hygiene, however, these are basic things that you should already be doing anyway,” says Stevenson. “This isn't your ordinary PUA book that likes to drag on and on about changing your image and gaining confidence through a lot of trial and error. The best part is that it’s rejection-proof, since you don’t actively have to come off as hitting on a woman when you use these power words. This is undeniably the most powerful part of Nick Richards’ book.”

“The information included along with the actual Sensual Power Words is helpful. It’s an accumulation of some of the best PUA knowledge that’s already out there, plus some totally new stuff that is probably from Nick Richards himself. It is effective right off the bat and you can even try it on some of the women in your life, particularly friends who you might have had some interest in for a while. It also includes simple words and phrases that act as the trigger, sparking emotions and desire. This book is one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to attract women you are interested in.”

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