Sharon Kleyne Discovers Seriousness Of World Water Crisis On Kleyne Talk Radio

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Sharon Kleyne Renews Research & Teaching of Body Water Evaporation & Earth’s Atmosphere Evaporation. Water Life Science® Lifestyle Founder Kleyne & Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook Join Forces Call for More Water & Water Evaporation Education.

Water Life Science® innovator Sharon Kleyne has a confession. On her internationally syndicated talk radio program, The Sharon Kleyne Hour Water Life Science® The Power of Water® sponsored by Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®, Water Life Science® founder Kleyne admits that “I’m not getting through effectively enough to a global audience that we need to take the world water crisis seriously.”

Water Life Science® educator Kleyne, who launched her water research 35 years ago into body water vapor evaporation and water vapor evaporation of earth’s atmosphere, sees the clear and present danger of ignoring a water crisis that threatens all life on this planet. “Without the water vapor in earth’s atmosphere and the water vapor in your body, you will not live today,” Water Life Science® advocate Kleyne warns. “Without the water vapor in earth’s atmosphere, your cell phone won’t work. Without the water vapor in earth’s atmosphere, you will not be able to fly a plane. Water on this planet is critical, and it is in a crisis. Now, I will take you on a hike again, and I will never give up with these descriptions and this algorithm. In your search engine, just type in the crisis of water and you’ll begin to see how serious this crisis is.”

Water Life Science® mentor Kleyne wants you to understand how billions of years ago a blue band of moisture ringed the earth and recommends following this link for an article by NASA: One day, the first drop of water from that band fell, then another and another, pelting the earth with life-giving water. “Some of that water ascended to create earth’s water vapor atmosphere,” says Water Life Science® researcher Kleyne. “Some of it sank down deep into the earth to create aquifers. Then some of that water forced its way to the surface creating puddles, ponds, streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. “Now,” Water Life Science® educator Kleyne continues, “huge sections of the earth have lost water due to evaporation, in some places turning the soil to sand, which becomes a sparkplug for drought, famine and death. What is needed is more new water education and new water technology.”

Water Life Science® maker Kleyne’s guest, Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, couldn’t agree more. Bulbrook, for more than fifty years an international healthcare professional, energy healer, spiritual teacher, shaman and co-creator of the Global Healing Alliance, explains her teaching philosophy by comparing her students to plants. Plants are connected to the energy of the earth. If one can get in touch with and work with the energy of plants, one can learn to work with one’s inner energy. That is why Bulbrook teaches students and patients to take the time to be quiet, to go within to achieve inner peace.

Water Life Science® expert Kleyne and Bulbrook agree that commanding a positive energy flow will have the most beneficial impact on turning around the world’s water crisis and slowing the natural process of body water evaporation and evaporation of earth’s water vapor atmosphere.

If you would like to listen to the program featuring international energy healer Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook and Water Life Science® educator Sharon Kleyne talking about the global water crisis and water vapor evaporation of the body and earth’s atmosphere please follow this link:

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