Wrenwane Reveal Frictionless Shower Curtain Hooks

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Industry Tradeshow Sees Wrenwane Launch and Demonstrate Frictionless Shower Curtain Hooks

Shower Curtain Hooks

This update to the traditional shower curtain ring design from Wrenwane was recently announced at an industry tradeshow. During the launch event it was stated that the product was developed with both its aesthetic qualities and practical usage in mind. During the presentation the hooks were given a live demonstration in a makeshift shower cubicle, complete with extending shower rail and standard issue waterproof curtain. The lead product designer and head of marketing were on hand to field questions from the press and attendees at the show.

“Frictionless movement with an attractive look was our main aim when developing this product”, the lead designer had to say when presenting the new Wrenwane shower curtain hooks (http://wrenwane.com/shower-curtain-hooks). “By solving the problems associated with the traditional design of the curtain hook, and packaging that solution in a manner that was also pleasing to the eye will help make this product a success,” he went on to explain.

During the presentation and demonstration, it was revealed that the design of this product includes a set of small roller balls that are affixed to each hoop. These rollers were included to help the hook slide more easily along the curtain rod and make the process of opening and closing a shower curtain a smooth and stress free experience.

It was also explained that this result is delivered because the rollerballs ensure that only a fraction of the actual ring is in contact with the curtain rail at any one time. This makes the sliding process almost totally frictionless, which results in the smoothest of operations when it comes to opening and closing a shower curtain. The use of the wheels or rollerballs makes dealing with any obstructions on the curtain rod, such as joins, very easy with no sticking or extra effort required to pass these obstacles.

“Curtain hooks without the easy glide balls of the Wrenwane rings can be prone to catching on these joins, and the extra effort involved in retracting or extending the curtain can result in the eventual tearing of the curtain or gradual loosening of the rod itself,” the product designer explained. When reflecting on this feature of the curtain hooks, the product spokesman revealed that “this was one of our main objectives when delivering this product as we wanted something that anyone could operate, no matter how inflexible they are. As the hooks can easily glide over joins and bumps on the curtain rail, no extra effort or wear and tear is incurred when opening or closing the curtain.”

The presentation revealed that the retail package of the Wrenwane shower curtain rings contains 12 hooks, which matches the standard number of eyelets on a shower curtain. The hooks are constructed from stainless steel to ensure they won’t rust or diminish when coming into regular contact with water.

The process for attaching the rings for the first time was also demonstrated, and involved activating the easy open and close mechanism on each hook. With the hooks attached to the rail, the curtain was then connected, before the hooks were then closed. During the demonstration of the operation, the frictionless motion of the curtain rail was highlighted as the key point of interested of this new bathroom product from Wrenwane.

For more details and to purchase the Wrenwane Shower Curtain Hooks, visit Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/Shower-Curtain-Rings-Corrosion-Free-Friction-Free/dp/B00FWOKAHM.

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