The Future of Marketing in 2016: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents a New Webinar on Marketing Insights, Forecasts and Strategies for the New Year

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As 2016 approaches and technology advances, marketers are not only faced with more opportunities to reach customers but more challenges, competition and noise as well. Here Shweiki Media teams up with marketing expert Mathew Sweezey to present a must-watch webinar on the future of marketing in 2016 and what strategies and mindsets marketers need to develop for success.

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Shweiki Media Printing Company presents marketing insights and strategies for 2016

People will only trust things they find on their own. Marketers should learn how to leverage technology to help consumers believe they are doing this.

Shweiki Media teams up with marketing automation expert Mathew Sweezey, expert and Principal of Marketing Insights at, to present a webinar on the future of marketing in 2016 and discuss marketing fundamentals and changes in the roles and trends in marketing.

In 2015, 5000 B2B and B2C marketers were asked a big question: "What is the biggest problem marketers face?"

The largest problem they face is keeping up with trends to drive higher quality leads.

The Importance of Trust

One of the most important things marketers need to be aware of is the importance of trust. Every consumer has a mobile device, which is very powerful and enables them to do many things they were not able to do before. Mobile devices result in the idea of the "empowered consumer." However, it is not the empowered consumer marketers will be facing in the next year, but rather what the consumer has learned to do with that empowered device.

Google has encouraged the average person to engage in heuristic behavior, which enables people to discover or learn something for themselves. For example, nobody taught consumers how to use Google or to search and use email and Facebook. They learned how to do so on their own.

A consumer can determine if there is value in a web experience in less than a second. If it is not valuable, then they will leave. On average, a person will only stay on 1.7 pages of a website. Google has taught consumers that if at first they do not succeed, then go back to Google. Therefore, the biggest problem marketers are going to face moving forward is not the empowered consumer but rather the infinite noise.

Infinite Noise, Ad Blocking and the Empowered Consumer

By 2020, there will be seven connected devices for every person on Earth. Each device can create and filter noise. Marketers cannot reach consumers with mass media if it is filtered by algorithms on devices. The way marketers get to consumers is through a mediated channel such as Facebook, Twitter, email, display advertisements, etc. The way most people look at these mediated channels is through their devices. The problem is not that the empowered consumer wants content but rather how to get that content in front of them. All these different channels are mediating that noise and only allowing the most relevant and contextual through. This means marketers must be relevant and contextual in order for consumers to see their stuff.

Another problem is ad blocking. Consumers are saying that they hate a company's ads so much that they are going out of their way to download a software in order to block them. Eighteen percent of U.S. consumers use ad blocking software. It is also estimated this number will double in 2016. Currently, there are 185 million global users of ad blocking technology.

The Path to Purpose and Self-Discovery

This all comes back to helping marketers understand the psychology of marketing and getting back to the idea of what they have to do. Google says it perfectly: "It is a path to purpose." There is no longer a path to purchase. Instead, there is a path to purpose. Buyers' paths are constant strings of moments intertwined together, equaling an experience and fulfilling a buyer's purpose. What is the buyer's purpose for engaging with marketers?

People understand the power of the Internet and find their purpose by exploring. Marketers must understand their purpose in order to get through to consumers via their messages. A consumer's purpose is self-discovery.

Self-discovery is the highest form of value the Internet provides while mass publication is the lowest. There are two aspects of discovery: active discovery and passive discovery.

Active discovery is when one goes out and searches something out. It is extremely powerful for marketers to understand because it allows them to fulfill a desired purpose of the consumer. It is important to note that the top seven sites in the world are all discovery portals:


The second aspect of self-discovery is passive discovery. This is a secondary action of search and the reason why people "surf" the Internet in the first place. It is when people passively seek an experience and trust the things they find on their own.

Once marketers know what the purpose is, they can really understand this idea of trust. The modern consumer builds trust in a new way. They have found the value of having instant access to the Internet and have placed a high value on self-discovery. Learn how to help aid in the consumer's discovery, and you will be able to gain their trust.

People will only trust things they find on their own. When it is the consumer's own idea, they trust it, but when it is the marketer's idea, consumers will not trust it. Marketers should learn how to leverage technology to help consumers believe they are discovering things on their own, without having to put things in front of their face.

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