Agora Commodities is the First Bullion Dealer to Accept Litecoin for Precious Metals

Already the largest Bitcoin to precious metals dealer, Agora Commodities is extending its commitment to crypto-currencies by being the first bullion dealer on the planet to except Litecoin for gold and silver.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 19, 2014

While the concept of digital currency is not new, the realization of it being a viable means of doing business and storing value is. Bitcoin made the idea of digital money a reality but until recently there was a great deal of doubt as to its long term viability.

What changed the skeptics opinion of Bitcoin being a durable commodity was well established businesses like Agora Commodities announcing they would accept Bitcoin as payment for goods and services.

Proponents of digital currencies have long considered Bitcoin to be gold and Litecoin to be silver. Well, the status of litecoin just got elevated as Agora Commodites has become the first bullion dealer to except litecoin for gold and silver. By accepting litecoin as payment, Agora Commodities is deepening its commitment to sound money. Sound money that an unsound world desperately needs.

Agora Commodities is the largest bullion dealer excepting crypto-currencies as payment for precious metals. Check them out on the web or give them a call (877) 576-7342


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