Singer Jennifer Saran Urges Americans to Vote and Tells Trump “Get Over Yourself”

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In a biting new song and video, the singing star delivers a forceful Election Day message

Internationally acclaimed pop/ contemporary jazz singer-songwriter Jennifer Saran has released a bracing election year one-two punch to Donald Trump with her latest single and video, “Get Over Yourself.”

Watch the video HERE.

“The phrase ‘get over yourself’ is something we probably say to ourselves each day. I know I do,” says Saran. “But in the case of Donald Trump, it takes on a whole new meaning. When I watch him lie all the time, all I can think is, ‘Get over yourself!’ Aren’t a lot of us thinking it?”

This isn’t Saran’s first political song rodeo: In 2018, she released the hauntingly dramatic “Let the Waves Wash Over Me (Song for Christine),” written in response to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony at the Senate confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. As a North American living in Hong Kong, Saran devours news from her homeland, and she makes the following observation, “We tend to see things more starkly in Hong Kong. Even when we witness other leaders who lie to their people, it’s not always attended by the circus and buffoonery. That’s what Trump specializes in. It’s his whole act.”

Once again, Saran felt compelled to act the best way she could: she wrote. Musically, “Get Over Yourself” is a saucy and swinging jazz track, very much in the vein of her recent EP, Smoky Nights. Over ultra-vibey, minimalist instrumentation, she delivers a devilishly sly performance. Her voice is playful, sultry and seductive, but her message is loud and clear: “I hear what you say, seems that you may/ think that you’re cool, think me a fool/ whenever we play, try as you may/ all I can hear, is your fear/ uh-huh… get over yourself.”

“I intentionally wanted the song to be fun,” Saran says. “There’s times for loud anger, but sometimes you can be more effective in getting your point across with a smile and a wink. It can actually be more cutting than if you were shouting.”

The video of “Get Over Yourself” is equally biting, and it’s custom-made for social media sharing. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Andrew Thomas (who teamed with Saran on “Let the Waves Wash Over Me”), it features a cavalcade of images embarrassing, confounding and shocking: The Trump ticker of lies. Trump holding a Bible in front of St. John’s church. Trump drawing new weather patterns with his Sharpie. Trump causing Dr. Fauci to do a face palm. Punctuating Saran’s vocals are Trump in his own words: “Trust me, I’m like a smart person” and “One day, it’s like a miracle… It will disappear.”

Says Saran of the clip, “The trick wasn’t so much what to put in; it was what to leave out. With Trump, there’s a wealth of material. Even after we finished the video, there’s been more – the way he insulted the military and the revelations of his lies about the pandemic from Bob Woodward’s book. It never ends. Andy and I talked about it – where do we want to stop? Each week, we could update the video with more Trumpian absurdity.”

As she did before the 2018 mid-terms with “Let the Waves Wash Over Me (Song for Christine),” Saran is hoping that “Get Over Yourself” can have an impact. “We need more artists to speak out and lend their voices to what is such an important election,” she says. “I’m just hoping that, in my own way, I can help encourage people to vote. We and the world can’t take another four years of this.”

She concludes, “What’s the point of this montage? It’s ‘People, you have to vote!’”

“Get Over Yourself” can be streamed on Spotify and purchased on iTunes.

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