Celebrities’ Bad Sleep Habits Discussed in Latest Mattress Inquirer Article

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Sleep and bed blog Mattress-Inquirer.com takes a look at famous people who get by on little sleep, and discusses the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Celebrities’ Bad Sleep Habits Discussed in Latest Mattress Inquirer Article

Celebrities’ Bad Sleep Habits Discussed in Latest Mattress Inquirer Article

Many successful business people and celebrities wear sleep loss like a badge of honor, or talk about not getting enough sleep due to jet-setting schedules. Even among office culture, pulling all-nighters and running on as little sleep as possible is seen as brag-worthy trait. However, underlying the drive to live life to the fullest and achieve greatness is the essential human need for adequate sleep.

The latest article from the Mattress Inquirer blog, titled “Sleep Deprivation & Celebrities: Some Don’t Sleep, But Should,” looks at the issue from several dimensions. It begins by discussing current celebrities and famous personas who get very rest, and then takes a look at why sleep is crucial, and offers tips for getting better shuteye.

In the results-driven, always-on culture of modern America, there are no shortage of celebrities and CEOs that mention getting by on little sleep. From the business world, Donald Trump, Martha Stewart and Melissa Mayer have all been quoted as saying they get by on as little as four hours of rest, with the general sentiment that there are more important things to do. With busy tour schedules and demanding lifestyles, singers often mention bouts of insomnia, with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Madonna among them.

Other celebrities mentioned include various actors and talk show hosts, as well as politicians and historical figures. Both presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have mentioned running the country 6 hours of sleep or less, and two famous inventors, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, actually had a running competition of who could sleep less in their heyday.

However much celebrities may laud or despise their lack of sleep, for many is unattainable for long periods of time. While a small percentage of the population can get by on five or less hours of rest without ill effects, for most there are consequence and even high-powered celebs take frequent vacations or suffer exhaustion-induced burnout.

In order to explain why rest is crucial, Mattress Inquirer discusses the results of a Surrey University study on sleep deprivation. In this study, researchers found changes to over 700 genes after one week of participants sleeping less than six hours per night. Some of the key areas affected included genes related to the immune system, stress, cellular damage and repair, and to circadian rhythms.

In addition to Surrey study, the article describes how others have also shown side effects related to heart disease and obesity, and cites statistics about drowsy driving to show immediate dangers. The article concludes with a section on sleep hygiene tips to encourage healthier habits than those of the aforementioned celebrities, such as setting a sleep schedule, preparing bedrooms for rest, and sticking to a routine.

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