The Social Leader: new Bibliomotion book redefines leadership for the Social Age

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Bibliomotion launches The Social Leader by Frank Guglielmo and Sudhanshu Palsule.

The Social Leader
... the conversations, actions, and behaviors that leaders must adopt in order to thrive in today’s socially networked world.

Bibliomotion is proud to announce the release of The Social Leader: Redefining Leadership for the Complex Social Age by Frank Guglielmo and Sudhanshu Palsule (September 30, 2014).

In the book, the authors apply their leadership coaching experience to introduce Social Leadership – a lens through which to view the conversations, actions, and behaviors that leaders must adopt in order to thrive in today’s socially networked world. Click here to read a review of The Social Leader in Dialogue Reviews.

Author Frank Guglielmo discussed their inspiration for the book in an interview with Bibliomotion:

What inspired you to write The Social Leader?

We were working on a senior executive development program together for a Fortune 500 company several years ago. We were sitting in beautiful conference room in Trinity College at Cambridge University and started to talk about great historical leaders and how different they were from each other.

For us this crystalized something we had been discussing for some time, the need to look inside a leader to identify that aspect of themselves that is uniquely productive for each individual. We realized this was in contrast to some of the prevailing practice at the time of building models of leadership and trying to get leaders to emulate these models.

The company we were working with was being deeply impacted and challenged by the new realities of social media and global connectivity. As we started to look at the leadership challenges they were facing we came to understand that all companies – some sooner, some later – would face these leadership challenges as we were living in a new age. Marrying these to ideas led us to the Social Leader.

What was your favorite part of the writing and publishing process?

From the time we first outlined our ideas on paper, up until the very moment the final, last, can’t-make-any-more-changes time arrived we met with a constant stream of executives, leadership development professionals and colleges presenting and testing our ideas. We learned a great deal from all of these meetings and the final work was much improved by these conversations. We are very indebted to everyone who took the time to talk to us about the ideas in The Social Leader.

Who do hope reads your book? What do you want them to get from it?

There are three people we hope will read The Social Leader. First are those leaders we call digital immigrants – those of us who learned to lead in a world before the Social Age and are now trying to adapt our leadership approaches to this remarkable new world. I hope these leaders gain insight and find the ideas presented helpful to becoming the most productive leaders they can be.

Second are those leaders we call digital natives – those who have entered the world of work during the Social Age and only know a time of global connectivity and transparency. For these leaders I hope the ideas in The Social Leader provide a framework for understanding the challenges they face and the tools to improve their capacity to face them.

Finally we hope all those accountable for helping organizations develop leaders read this book and use the ideas to challenge their own practices and thinking about growing leaders.

Who was your #1 influencer for your work?

There are far too many people who have influenced my thinking to narrow it down to one person - but I could provide a top five which would mean leaving out many influencers – Jonathan Donner at Unilever and Mike Gissing of Kraft Foods who are simply world class leadership development experts; Don Schultz from Northwestern University who has greater insight into the implications of social media on the world than anyone I have spoken to; Joel Mosses, a brilliant psychologist and early mentor of mine from AT&T who shaped much of the way I see leadership; and of course Sudhanshu who enlarges and enhances my understanding of leadership and organizations with every conversation.

What are you reading right now?

I always have a few books going at once, The Joy of Strategy by Allison Rimm; The Psychology of Leadership, Change and Organizational Development edited by Skipton, Lewis, Freedman, and Passmore; Zealot by Reza Aslan; and Leaving the Sea: Stories by Ben Marcus.

About The Social Leader:

Technology, global economics, and demographics are colluding to create workspaces that thrive on communities rather than hierarchies. Our industrial paradigm with its roots in the military is swiftly being replaced by a paradigm based on networks that are held together by passion and social connections, and fueled by instantaneous interactions between members of communities. This new paradigm is creating a massive impact on how we think about successful leadership and how we develop leaders. We have found that this shift involves thinking of leaders more as mayors and less as generals.
The Social Leader structures a new approach to leadership and provides tools for leaders to understand themselves in this new era of connectedness and community. Authors Frank Guglielmo and Sudhanshu Palsule describe and explain the five new imperatives of leadership, the Tenets of Social Leadership, illustrating ways for leaders and would-be leaders to reimagine themselves as social leaders.

About the Authors:

Frank Guglielmo is an award-winning educator, consultant and coach. He has created and led executive development programs around the world for over two decades. Currently he is Managing Director of Park Consulting, specializing in executive development and organizational change. Prior to this, Frank was Senior Vice President, Leadership and Organizational Development at the Interpublic Group of Companies, a Fortune 500 company and one of the world's leading marketing and advertising firms. Frank has also been Director, Management and Organizational Development at Altria Corporate Services Inc. and Vice President, Branch Management Selection and Development at Prudential Securities. Frank holds both an MS and Ph.D. in organizational psychology. He has conducted training programs and organizational interventions in Europe and Latin America as well as the U.S. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, and the Metropolitan New York Association for Applied Psychology.

Sudhanshu Palsule is an award-winning educator, CEO advisor and leadership coach, regarded as one of the leading thinkers in the field of Transformative Leadership. He teaches at Duke CE and is an Associate Professor in the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD. His globally run leadership workshops are renowned for their transformative impact. His clients include several Fortune 100 companies, governments, and the UN.

The key to Palsule’s work in leadership is his deep understanding of what drives us to do what we do. His notion of “self-ware” – the internal program of thoughts, emotions and assumptions – has helped thousands of leaders understand themselves better and develop strategies for performance and well-being. Palsule has written several books spanning many areas, including Science, Technology, and Social Change, Managing in Four Worlds, The Ecology of Organizations, and Personal Growth. His work on leadership draws upon new research from neurology and psychology, his background in quantum physics, and his own exploration of the human mind.

About Bibliomotion:

Bibliomotion is a book publishing house designed for the new publishing landscape. While many publishers work to retrofit old processes for new realities, Bibliomotion was founded by book-industry veterans who believe the best approach is a fresh one – one that focuses on empowering authors and serving readers above all else. Moving away from the top-down model that has dominated the publishing process for years, we give each member of the team – including the author – a seat at the table from the very beginning and in doing so, work side-by-side to launch and sell the best content possible, making it available in a variety of forms.

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