Water Shortage Crisis Compounded by California’s MEGA Drought Could Have Been Avoided by Timely Adoption of New Age Hygienic Systems, Inc. Invention

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"The water shortage compounded by the mega drought in California could have been avoidable if the State officials would have supported my revolutionary super low flow toilet; therefore, we are resorting now at asking for public support on a IndieGoGo funding campaign." says Dan Andreiu, the President and Founder of New Age Hygienic Systems, Inc.

2009 New California 100 Innovative Business Award

“Our civilization will run out of clean water before it runs out of oil. Clean water is the 21st century world’s most precious natural resource." Dan Andreiu, inventor, entrepreneur, artist

"Today’s water shortage crisis in 3 southwestern states, compounded by a severe mega drought, was entirely avoidable. In 2007, New Age Hygienic Systems developed a toilet that, if implemented, would have saved California alone about 1/3 of its clean water reserves. According to California Water Storage, national water reservoirs fill up and drain on a multi-year basis, so if they had been able to save about a third of their reservoirs’ water annually since 2007, by now California, Nevada and New Mexico would still have plenty of water remaining to serve all their municipal and agricultural needs. Current federal and local commotion over this shortage could have been avoided," says Dan Andreiu, the Founder and the President of New Age Hygienic Systems, Inc.

"Aside from being granted an award from California’s officials, New Age Hygienic Systems, Inc. has not met with much support. Responding to the current water shortage emergency, our group has resorted to appealing for public support via crowd-funding sites, see IndieGoGo campain, to raise capital for product manufacture and distribution. Our design is a super low-flow toilet produces an extremely clean, efficient flush, using about a quart of water.

"Our invention is, in fact, the first new toilet design to be introduced in over 200 years, using nanotechnology and taking advantage of the molecular property of water in order to flush solids down drains. We hope that future widespread implementation of our super low flow toilet will prevent any more undeniable water crises," says Dan Andreiu, Founder and President of New Age Hygienic Systems, Inc.

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