Songs To Educate Helps Teachers Engage Students in Human Body Curriculum Using Cutting Edge Principles of Arts Integration and Biomimicry

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The "Human Body School" arts integrated curriculum by Songs To Educate opens new doorways for teaching human physiology and healthy living. The founders Melanie and Paul Zeir present innovative means and ways through professional development workshops and the online resource

Human Body School Performing Arts Program
Talking Hands Talking Feet, the teaching artistry of the company Songs To Educate brings the principles of biomimicry into arts integrated education through the “Human Body School” curriculum.

Songs To Educate presents new models in arts integration by applying the principles of Biomimicry. The founders are thrilled to unveil their latest project and teaching resource entitled “Human Body School”.

There is an important principle in nature: Biodiverse ecosystems thrive. That is, the greater the diversity and integration of fauna and flora (from micro to macro), the greater the stability, resilience and immunity in an ecosystem.

The same is true in education. Meaning, the more dynamically versatile, flexible and diverse a system, the more it can adapt and metamorphose in response to ever changing fluid conditions of young, emerging human beings.

Creating viable bridging connections between how nature works and human systems is the premise of "biomimicry". The term has entered the lexicon of progressive thought and dialogue. According to the Biomimicry Institute,, "Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature's time tested patterns and strategies." Its principles have been applied to new models of everything from chemistry to architecture to agriculture. Importantly, it applies to education as well.

"Talking Hands Talking Feet", the teaching artistry of the company "Songs To Educate" brings the principles of biomimicry into arts integrated education through the “Human Body School” curriculum.

Songs to Educate co-founder Paul Andrew Zeir notes, “education is one of the most important systems where the need to listen to nature's counsel applies. A mono-cultural, one dimensional approach to education reduces learning to formulaic repetition of known facts and principles, closing the door to evolutionary intelligence.”

Zeir reiterates, “biodiverse eco-systems thrive.”

"It is the same in how we think of ourselves and our bodies," continues Paul Zeir. "When we help children to know their bodies as diverse and dynamic living systems, something very special switches on in them. First of all, they get it right away. But then the adventure of learning begins! Every body system, and every body part, is seen as an essential member inside an integrated whole. If you affect one part, it affects every other part. The body works in fluid dynamic biodiverse multi-tiered interdependence. What a great model for every other kind of 'body', whether that be an organization, a model or a body of work."

Talking Hands Talking Feet song and movement theater imitate nature in multiple ways. When children act out the body systems through simile song and movement, the benefits are multifold. Teachers who have used this program have seen greater comprehension, retention and ability to interpret and communicate essential concepts relating to human physiology and health, earth science, mathematics and social studies.

These principles may be new in terms of modern application, but they are not new to the arc of human intelligence. Aboriginal peoples around the world have practiced the principles of biomimicry and arts integration in education for a long, long time. See Sparks article - Schooling Indigenous Style.

Songs To Educate aims to bring children of the 21st century into new and sustainable ways of learning that respect the natural intelligence and sanctity of human life. Human Body School songs and movement theater represent an accessible, engaging new pathway of education for parents and teachers worldwide.

Click here for reviews and video testimonials from educators who have implemented Songs To Educate programs in their classroom.

The mission of Songs To Educate is to provide bright tools to integrate connective song and movement arts in learning every day. These thoughtful songs accompany and encourage young lives on the human journey. Yes, each song correlates within curricular requirements, whether social studies, language arts, math or one of the sciences, but always in the context of the fertile wonder: What is possible for human life?

About Song To Educate by Talking Hands Talking Feet:
The founders Paul and Melanie Zeir have been working directly with over 5,000 children since 1997 to inspire and educate through music and movement arts. This impressive arts integrated education resource for ages birth through twelve years is available online at

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Human Body School Performing Arts ProgramHuman Body School Performing Arts ProgramHuman Body School Performing Arts ProgramHuman Body School Performing Arts Program