Songs To Educate Announces Pioneering Arts Integration Professional Development Workshops

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Songs to Educate introduces a compelling approach to professional development for teachers. The aim of the program, which will serve early childhood and primary educators, is to incorporate the arts in their curricula and revitalize their passion for learning.

Songs To Educate Professional Development

It's an incredibly energizing way to revitalize your purpose and calling as an educator .

Songs To Educate professional development gives teachers the ability to brightly apply song and movement arts in the classroom every day. The company’s new professional development program will engage young minds in a unique way they will love and remember! The new professional development workshops provide connective practice within a truly cutting edge approach to learning through a versatile and provocative range of content. In addition, teachers may welcome the fun activities on training day.

Songs to Educate is looking for teachers who are passionate about the future!

If a teacher believes passionately in the human potential, cares deeply for children and values their right to a vibrant and nurturing education, then Songs To Educate can help.

"We believe the best remedy is outwitting the system, not waiting for it to change," says Songs to Educate co-founder Paul Andrew Zeir. "Teachers in public schools can integrate the arts everyday with so much ease and support...But it won't happen through administrative politics. Teachers have to start a little revolution right there in the classroom, integrating connective learning through the arts as a way to fulfill curricular requirements. It is an incredibly energizing way to revitalize your purpose and calling as an educator."

Professional Development for so many teachers is a chore, but this is not the case with Songs to Educate. Arts Integrated Education, Arts Enhanced Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Multiple Learning Styles, enhanced neuro-pathway development and expansion all come into this training. It happens by engaging with the songs - the wonderful lyrics, movement and music! Teachers choose what subject areas they want to focus on, and Songs To Educate will create a compendium of songs with movement and story accompaniment, along with lesson plans and prompters to present to the teachers. And that's when the fun begins!

"I've been going to professional development trainings for 15 years and this was the most fun and useful one yet!" exclaimed a teacher at a professional development training in Denver October 2014.

Co-founder Melanie Zeir reflects, "To me, the point of it is, all teachers are able to apply enjoyable curriculum based song and movement in their classrooms every single day as a result of this special training."

Songs To Educate songs and movement arts connect with children. Every one of these songs is a springboard of discovery. These songs do not condescend to children. Instead, they invite them on a journey of discovery into a subject whilst providing self-reflective tools along the way.

Teachers delight in these songs as well. Why? Well, because their own learning pathways get enlivened and expanded. Educators see the children enthusiastic about learning because the methodology supports natural discovery and intelligence. What more can a teacher ask for?

The founders Melanie and Paul Zeir note, “Songs to Educate challenges trends in public education. Politics and economic motivation have no place whatsoever in the education of young human minds and souls. Progress should be measured in terms such as mental dexterity, curiosity and innovation. Emphasis in assessment and teacher accountability needs to focus on creative complex problem solving, translation of grand ideals and principles into specific circumstances, ethical judgment and integrity, adaptability, flexibility, expansive thinking and the versatile application of the arts of expression and communication .”

Zeir continues, “'Career readiness' as a premise for education puts the cart before the horse. If we empower young minds with the tools and frameworks to activate natural intelligence, meaningful careers will naturally follow.

Alas, many perceptive parents and teachers agree with this, but few feel they have the resources and energies to make a difference.”

Songs To Educate says: “Don't wait for the system to change! Many small but significant and consistent changes all in the same direction can amount to something extraordinary.”

In addition this Professional Development helps to address the following Competency Domains:
-Child Growth, Development and Learning
-Professional Development and Leadership
-Teaching Practice

The Songs To Educate supplemental arts activities help make curriculum content stick. The programs also help to close the literacy gap through language rich songs, provides daily physical activity and promotes engaged, happy learners. It is user friendly and support is available.

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The mission of Songs To Educate is to provide bright tools to integrate connective song and movement arts in learning every day. These thoughtful songs accompany and encourage young lives on the human journey. Yes, each song correlates within curricular requirements, whether social studies, language arts, math or one of the sciences, but always in the context of the fertile wonder: What is possible for human life?

About Song To Educate by Talking Hands Talking Feet:
The founders Paul and Melanie Zeir have been working directly with over 5,000 children since 1997 to inspire and educate through music and movement. This impressive resource for ages birth through twelve years is available online at

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