South Bend IN Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches Updated Intervention Program

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Family members looking for a way to interrupt their loved one's drug addiction now have a way to do so. For a no-cost consultation, call 574-807-6617.

South Bend IN Alcohol Drug Rehab is launching an updated intervention program focused on helping family members and friends stop a loved one from ruining their lives with drug addiction in South Bend and nearby towns.

Sitting by and watching someone that people love destroy their minds bodies through chronic use of drugs leaves them feeling helpless and hopeless. These caring souls have gone the distance to help the drug addict get help, find a reason to live, and give up the harmful drugs that wear a person down. Yet they have found each effort and opportunity thrown back in their face as the addict goes right back to using their substance of choice.

It takes time to map out strategies and plans for an actual intervention to take place. One of the initial actions an interventionist will do with family members and friends is listen to their concerns. The entire home situation is upended because everybody is trying to help the drug addict, who might also have an alcohol problem too. An interventionist understands how badly addiction rips the family apart, and will work to bring it back together.

The hope of any intervention is to have the drug addict realize how much pain and suffering he or she has caused family members and friends. Often, an intervention is held in a familiar setting like a home or possibly in a separate location. Everyone who cares about the addict is there, honestly sharing their feelings and emotions around the person's drug use. There are conditions set so that the drug addict understands that by not going right into drug rehab from the intervention, consequences will begin. Some families will not allow the loved one any access to their home or apartment. Others will cancel credit cards or any means of financial support so there is nothing to use for more drugs. Should an intervention result in the drug addict going right to the facility, then that person has decided that getting clean and sober is more important than another high.

Click here for more information about South Bend IN Alcohol Drug Rehab. For a no-cost consultation, call 574-807-6617.

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