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Dallas Cite And Release Program - What You Need To Know

An employee of the company suggests defendants should take the charge seriously and treat it exactly the same as any other charge – including taking the steps to hire an attorney for proper representation.

December 2017 saw the first ever enforcement of the Dallas Cite and Release program. Southern Bail Bonds Dallas ( has received many inquiries about the program and this communiqué is meant to explain the Cite and Release policy in Dallas, TX.

Most people may misunderstand the Dallas cite and release policy to mean that marijuana has been decriminalized. However, that’s not the case. The new rule simply means that if the police finds someone with less than 4 ounces of marijuana, at their discretion they can simply issue the person a citation to appear in the court. There is still a chance of being arrested, especially if the person has outstanding warrants or if there are other factors affecting the immediate situation.

Of course, the weed will be confiscated, since the policy doesn't make marijuana possession any less illegal. But it can be taken as a relief from having to spend time in jail as a result of a minor marijuana charge while awaiting a hearing.

Being arrested by the police, even for as minor an offense as being in possession of small amounts of weed can be tasking. People’s job could be affected, and can even lead to their losing sources of livelihood. Other than a person’s loss of freedom, it also costs the state in terms of police resources and jail space that could have been used for serious crimes. The Dallas Cite and Release is aimed at freeing up police resources and channeling them to more pertinent issues and crimes. It is also a way for the City to save on the amount spent on jail costs as well as manpower.

Eligibility for the Dallas Cite and Release Program
As the police continue to implement and adjust the Dallas Cite and Release program, it is important to understand who the policy is applicable to. When is the DPD allowed to use the Cite and Release program as opposed to making an arrest?

The offender should be a resident of Dallas County and possess identification to prove it. Identification can be in the form of a valid driver's license or a Texas state ID. The offender shouldn’t resist police orders or act violently either towards the police or civilians. The officers should have no reason to assume that the offender will skip court when requested to make an appearance. The crime should not take place in drug-free premises, like a school.

For residents of Dallas County, this doesn't necessarily mean they will be released if found with weed. The Dallas Cite and Release policy only applies to the city of Dallas, and culprits can still be arrested if caught outside the city, like Irving or DeSoto, for instance. This is because the officers in other Dallas County cities are not bound by Dallas city, even if they operate in the Dallas County.

Also, even if someone is busted for a small amount of weed, the penalties for the offense still stand. Culprits are liable to a penalty of $2,000 or 6 months in jail for weed not exceeding 2 ounces and $4,000 dollars or one-year jail time for 2-4 ounces. However, first-time offenders may be given the option to enroll in a treatment program, satisfactorily complete probation, including possible random drug tests, and/or community service. It will be up to the courts to determine how the case will be resolved.

One of the drawbacks seen related to the Cite and Release policy is that defendants tend to misunderstand the severity of the charge. This may be due to the fact that they were not arrested. Southern Bail Bonds Dallas says it very easy for a defendant to find themselves needing to post bail bonds because they missed a court date or failed some other requirement in the process because they didn’t think it was a big deal.

An employee of the company suggests defendants should take the charge seriously and treat it exactly the same as any other charge – including taking the steps to hire an attorney for proper representation.

Southern Bail Bonds Dallas is located at 3936 S. Polk St. #110, Dallas, TX 75224. They provide Dallas bail bonds for felony, misdemeanor and traffic related offenses and can be reached 24/7.

It should be noted that the Dallas Cite and Release program doesn't make anyone immune to arrest. Culprits could still be arrested if found guilty of weed possession alongside other unlawful acts. Offenders with criminal records, warrants and those who miss court are also not eligible for the Cite and Release program. For those who are going to be in Dallas, it is important to get the right information concerning the program to avoid any misinterpretation that may present itself.

Southern Bail Bonds Dallas can help with posting bail bonds for release for anyone under arrest in any city in Dallas County. They can be contacted at 214-372-2500.

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