Speed Jump Rope Workout Claims Boost to Metabolism and Libido

Makers of the recently released "Big Red" Speed Jump Rope claim that using their speed jump rope through a specific workout routine will improve metabolism and libido.

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There has been no lack of pill and potion makers touting the prowess of their products to produce a boost to a user's sexual drive and cravings.

Houston, TX (PRWEB) April 21, 2014

There have been many products, tools and ideas propagated throughout the fitness and weight loss industries for many years claiming to enhance one’s metabolism or the ability to burn unwanted body fat. The same holds true for libido. There has been no lack of pill and potion makers touting the prowess of their products to produce a boost to a user’s sexual drive and cravings. Some of these “solutions” to the age-old problem of slow metabolism and decreased libido are actually based on hard data and research while many others are at best anecdotal.

Top Fit Fitness, the makers of the recently launched Big Red Speed Jump Rope, state that using their speed jump rope in a specific way can improve one’s metabolic rate and libido. They state that with consistent usage (at least three times a week), users will see steady improvement in both of these areas. Top Fit states that the basis for this idea comes from a workout method called Interval Training.

Interval Training is a workout or process where the user alternates the level of intensity of their workout. The workout can be more focused on cardio or resistance training. Some regimens may integrate both cardio and resistance training into one Interval Training session. Interval Training is not a new idea but its application has shown steady evolution over the last few years. It is being applied to an increasing number of already existing exercise routines. This method of training (interval training) is now being applied to speed jump rope workouts.

“Any time you ask more of your body, it will expend more energy to meet the new demand,” states Jeff Landon, Product Development Manager at Top Fit. “When your body expends more energy, it begins to break down energy reserves like fat at a rapid pace.” Landon states that the speed rope is the perfect exercise for interval training because you can vary the intensity of the workout quickly and easily. You can seamlessly move from high and low intensity jumping without breaking stride or interruptions.

How does this affect metabolism and libido? Apparently interval training in this way causes an increase in hormones that help synthesize protein and muscle. These are your anabolic hormones like testosterone, growth hormone and estrogen, just to give some examples. These hormones also cause a release of endorphins or “feel good,” “feel powerful” chemicals throughout the body.

An article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, April 2008, revealed that women were more sexually responsive after 20 minutes of intense, vigorous exercise. Men also showed an increase in testosterone levels (which correlates with higher sexual interest and behavior) after short bursts of intense exercise.

Alternatively, a June 2012 article in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that too much exercise or exercise for periods of long duration can have an opposite effect leading to a decrease in testosterone in men, and a depletion of estrogen and progesterone in women (two hormones important for sex drive and satisfaction in women).

Metabolic benefits from interval training using a speed jump rope mainly come from an increased consumption of oxygen and improved anaerobic capacity. This causes you to use your energy reserves (fat) faster and for longer periods of time, even when you have stopped the physical activity and are resting.

Landon contends that the speed jump rope released by Top Fit is perfect for interval training workouts. It is convenient and can be used in the comforts of your own home. Using the rope and varying the intensity of jumping for as little as 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week can have significant health benefits.

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