Lifeguard Master Spine Board Kit – Enhanced Protection for Swimming Pools

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Swimming can be a lot of fun, but safety must be ensured for water enthusiasts. The recently updated spine board kit from Lifeguard Master makes water rescue more convenient than ever before.

The spine board kit, offered by Lifeguard Master to swimming pools and community water bodies all over the world, has been enhanced to meet the needs of emergency care providers across the globe. Fully equipped with all necessities, the kit can be of immense use during water-related accidents and medical emergencies.

Swimming is a fun-filled sport as well as recreational activity and an effective form of exercise. It is hardly surprising that water bodies, whether it is a community swimming pool or a beach, are full of people of all ages. A spine board kit can be a useful addition for swimming pools as well as lakes or beach fronts. Says Sammy, proprietor of Lifeguard Master, “Spine board kits can be of immense use during a rescue operation in water and while retrieving and reviving victims of drowning.” Many water-based accidents may cause deep trauma or injuries related to the limb and spine, which require immediate spinal immobilization. Lifeguards receive special training in rescuing such victims but having a spine board kit can be very useful for professional jobs, especially when undertaking challenging rescue operations in water.

The spine board kit supplied by Lifeguard Master is equipped with all the tools that may be required to rescue patients from water. Every kit includes the following items:

  •     Spine Board (one unit) to be fitted gently under the patient.
  •     Head Immobilizer (one unit) to ensure safety of the patient’s spine
  •     Velcro Straps (three units) to secure the patient in place

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The main feature of the spine board kit is, quite naturally, the spine board. The Lifeguard Master spine board is not just an ordinary back board. Meant for professional use, it is composed of high-quality polyurethane which makes the product resilient and durable. With a heavy-duty shell and the capacity to carry patients weighing up to 600 pounds, the spine board can be used safely even under the most pressurizing conditions. A seamless water-proof design ensures that no form of fluid can enter the body of the board or lead to cross-contamination. “We guarantee 100-percent superb craftsmanship and life-long durability under normal usage,” says Sammy. In addition, the boards feature 21 hand-holes and eight pins to strap the patients so that rescue operations can be undertaken smoothly without any fear of dislocation or further mishap. For a video on the spine board kit, please visit: .

The Lifeguard Master spine board comes with these advantage features, which give it a clear edge over other products in the same category:

  •     Built-in runner makes the spine board easy to be carried during emergencies
  •     Low-maintenance and lasts for years at a stretch
  •     Water proof and resilient of fluid contamination
  •     Resilient to wind rain, chlorine water and ocean salt water
  •     Easy to store, both indoor and outdoor
  •     No need for assembling the piece – this is a single-piece
  •     Greater weight capacity than competing brands
  •     Better facilities for strapping the patient
  •     Floating capacity of 200 pounds
  •     Lifetime guarantee
  •     Dimensions of 72" X 18" 2.5" make it handy
  •     At 19 lbs, it’s a lightweight board

“Our spine board kits are our most popular products. An expert creation, it is not usual to see our spine board in swimming clubs and beach fronts no matter where you go,” says Sammy. In addition to swimming pool owners and lifeguards, the spine board kit may also be useful for hospitals and EMS technicians to be used in the case of specific medical emergencies.

“Having a spine board kit at hand has made my partner and my job much easier. Patients can be easily carried in the spine board and we are impressed with the product quality of the kit supplied by Lifeguard Master.” - Perry White

“We recently inaugurated a swimming pool in our club premises, which has become a great hit among adults as well as children. Considering the large number of people who take to the pool every day, we thought it was imperative to have a spine board kit at our disposal. We discovered Lifeguard Master and decided on their kit – the product quality is impeccable and the pricing is reasonable too.” - Billy Hunter

The lifeguard backboard kit is a product of Lifeguard Master, a business venture founded by Sammy. Having worked as a Lifeguard for seven years, his experience led him to form the start-up which aims to provide superior quality lifeguard and emergency equipment to swimming pools, beaches, and lakes across the country and indeed around the entire world. In addition to rescue implements, clients can also place orders for lifeguard clothing and accessories from Lifeguard Master. For more information on these spine boards, please go to: . To view previous press release on this, please go to: For a lifeguard forum, for current trends and latest information on emergency and lifesaving, please click on:

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