STARKART Examines the Resurgence of Print Advertising and Gaining More Impressions

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STARKART, the largest local advertiser grocery cart network in the United States and Canada, shares the top 5 tips about investing in traditional advertising to complement online ad campaigns.


Are bright, bold colors right for the message you are trying to convey, or would something more simple with a lot of white space evoke the right emotion? People will retain the image long after the text has faded from their memory.

Advertising is everywhere: from print publications and billboards to even gas pumps and in movie theaters. In fact, studies show that people living in urban centers see up to 5,000 ads per day. Advertising is especially abundant online, and seems to follow anything one clicks.    

“However, consumers spend less time viewing online ads compared to their traditional counterparts,” said Eric Adams, Director of Production at STARKART, sister company of the NALA, a boutique advertising agency headquartered in Ventura, CA. “The resurgence of traditional advertising is an optimal way to stand out from all the online visual clutter.”

Online advertising is here to stay, and is still necessary in any marketing strategy. Adams lists the following five tips on how adding traditional print elements will help round out any marketing campaign to gain more impressions:

No. 1: Understand the media buy. Traditional advertising is almost always purchased in advance. An advertisement in a magazine needs to be finalised three or four months in advance. “This may mean you will need to finalise your brand’s narrative for the season or quarter earlier than you had been,” said Adams. “A traditional advertising campaign has more moving parts than posting an ad online, so ask questions and keep in mind that the sales team, creative team and operational team want the process to be as positive and painless as you do.”

No. 2: Work with the creatives. Traditional advertising often follows a proven formula for success. “Ask the creative team what they’ve seen work best for others in your industry or geography,” stressed Adams. “Give them some artistic freedom to best highlight your call-to-action and make your visuals memorable.”

No. 3: Keep it simple. “A simple, clear message will help the viewer understand your ad without having to work at it,” added Adams.

No. 4: Choose images wisely. Do not underestimate the importance of a strong graphic image. “Choosing the right photo can make or break the success of your ad,” noted Adams. “Are bright, bold colors right for the message you are trying to convey, or would something more simple with a lot of white space evoke the right emotion? People will retain the image long after the text has faded from their memory.”

No. 5: Know that traditional marketing is a piece of the overall advertising strategy. “There is almost no better way to increase brand awareness than to put yourself in front of your target audience in a localised traditional advertising campaign. This does not mean you can afford to neglect the basic foundation of a brand that can move an audience through their conversion funnel,” concluded Adams. “A professional ad campaign with a solid value proposition falls flat when the prospect visits your website and is met with a bad user experience, finds outdated information, or views your brand as inferior to the expectations set by your ad.”

STARKART has the largest shopping cart advertising network in the United States and Canada offering grocery cart advertising that reaches a network of thousands of locations. It offers small and medium-size businesses the chance to pinpoint their audience, reaching current and potential customers throughout their entire marketing area.

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