Stayyy Expands Business to Illinois, Michigan and Indiana

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The dog training and boarding company Stayyy has expanded their business with locations in three additional states

Stayyy, which has multiple locations throughout the United States, has decided to continue their growth with the opening of locations in three new states. These states include Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. The continued growth of the company is due to a variety of factors that include how much they care about their clients’ pets, their ability to recognize and address problematic behavior in dogs, the flexibility they provide, and more.

Stayyy offers training that provides results. Their board and training program is around 6-8 weeks, and during that time experts at Stayyy work closely with dogs in their program. The goal is to ensure a significant change in behavior when dogs are returned to their owners. When an owner gets their dog back, they will notice their pet is listening to commands and behaving in a better manner. This is unlike some other training companies where a difference is barely noticeable. Their track record of success is backed by video testimonials from happy clients.

Stayyy was founded by Thomas Niemczewski. The company was started when Thomas discovered he was not able to find a trustworthy dog trainer for his giant schnauzer. The co-owner of Stayyy, Aaron Rice, has a strong background with dog training that includes training dogs for the FBI, police, and the TSA. He has also professionally trained competition dogs for the last 15 years.

Stayyy offers a variety of different services that include boarding, adult dog training, leadership training, and puppy training. All training is provided by specialists with years of experience that understand not only dog training, but dog psychology.

The focus on dog psychology at Stayyy really sets them apart from other dog training facilities. Stayyy emphasizes the importance of dog owners becoming pack leaders, and in doing so leading their dog in a way in which they will face less resistance. Because of this key component of training Stayyy provides, dog owners find a much more significant change in not only their dog’s ability to understand commands, but also their overall behavior.

Stayyy’s boarding and training program has an obedience-first approach. Before a dog can learn more complex behaviors, they need to possess a high level of obedience. Once this obedience has been established, the professionals at Stayyy are able to move on with the training process. This process includes mental stimulation and exercise, the teaching of essential commands, the elimination of problematic behaviors, and focus on socialization. There are some common problematic behaviors that Stayyy trainers are aware of and often deal with. These include leash pulling, excessive and unnecessary barking, jumping on people, charging other animals, rushing to the door when people arrive, and eating food from counters. Stayyy trainers determine which of these behaviors a dog has trouble with, then addresses them directly.

Stayyy understands that puppies have additional needs when it comes to training. This includes potty training, socialization, feeding schedules, and more. They are able to work with puppies as young as 12 weeks of age. During puppy training, they focus on teaching puppies basic commands, stopping their undesirable behaviors, housebreaking/potty training, off-leash freedom, recall, and more. The goal is to properly train a puppy, so they are able to grow to become a happy and obedient adult dog.

With the addition of new locations, Stayyy now has a presence in multiple states. They likely have a location near you. To learn more about Stayyy and the services they provide, visit their website at:
2129 N Milwaukee Ave #56, Chicago, IL 60647
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