SyncBack Version 8: Your Backups Are Finally Safe

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Most businesses rely on a number of different systems to keep backups of their files. When the day comes that they are needed, unpleasant surprises may be waiting. All too often backups prove to be inadequate or even corrupt, leaving the business in the same position as having no backups at all. SyncBackPro Version 8 by 2BrightSparks now solves this.

Version 8 of SyncBack makes sure that all data is safely and correctly backed up. Data loss can now be consigned to the past!

It wasn't long since businesses took their first steps into using computers for specific functions. Today that has completely changed, and many businesses now rely on computers for their core functionality using a variety of different PCs, software, services and websites.

And with the ever-present risks of viruses, accidental deletion, ransomware or even failing hardware, the majority of businesses understand how vital safeguarding their data is. Which is why most have a number of different backup systems in place.

But merely having a backup solution doesn't necessarily mean that data loss will be avoided. There are four main reasons why many backup solutions can fail, even when the software is working perfectly.

"Out of sight is out of mind"

Setting up a backup solution isn't always as simple as expected. Not only will a number of different users and systems be involved, but files and data will invariably be saved in different locations.

Even assuming that the backups are setup correctly, it's too easy for new files to be saved in different locations that aren't included in backups.

Version 8 of SyncBackPro allows the user to make simulated runs to see precisely what will be backed up. This allows the user to quickly check that all files and data are being included in their backups, without having to go for a lengthy actual restore and compare.

Version 8 also introduces backup integrity checks - to not only check that files are contained in the backups, but they are also intact and not corrupted.

"Data recovery is often confusing and laborious"

Most backup systems are focused on the idea of data being backed up. But all too often when it comes to restoring lost data, the experience can be complicated, confusing and even painful. Get it wrong and some of the files and data can be lost forever.

Version 8 of SyncBackPro allows the user to run simulated restores. Not only is this an effective way to see precisely what has been backed up, but it crucially allows the user to become more familiar with the restore process in a simulated environment.

When the day comes that a real restore is required, the user will know precisely what to do, without making mistakes in the heat of the moment.

"Locked in by proprietary systems"

Most backup solutions use their own file formats to store the files and their different versions. If or when a business switches over to a new backup solution, they may find that they can no longer access old files and archives. In some circumstances a business may be forced to use more than one solution just to ensure access to their old backups.

SyncBackPro makes sure that a user's data remains in the original format. Not only does this mean that SynBack users aren't tied into sticking with the same software forever, it also means that anyone with access to the backups can restore lost data, without requiring access to the software itself.

"Ransomware can destroy backups too"

Ransomware encrypts an infected machine's data, and forces the user to pay for it to be released. Most Ransomware tries to ensure that backups are also infected, as discretely as possible, so that the user is unaware that this is happening.

Many backup systems can therefore overwrite the backed up data with infected versions.

SyncBack version 8 introduces two new features to detect this type of ransomware infection on the host system, and prevent it from infecting backups.

SyncBack's Ransomware Detection feature checks to see if a file has been modified, and if so, SyncBack will stop all backups - including automated backups.

As a secondary layer of protection, SyncBack can also be set to warn the user or abort a backup when a given percentage of files are going to be updated during a backup. For example if 20% or more of the files have been modified, the backup can be aborted, thereby saving the original, non-infected files.

The new version of SyncBack makes sure that all data is safely and correctly backed up. Data loss can now be consigned to the past!

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