Solveforce Expands T1 Line and Ethernet Services to New Territory within Albuquerque, New Mexico effective 2016

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Solveforce has once again expanded their T1 Line and Ethernet services. This time into Albuquerque, New Mexico.

SolveForce T1 LIne and Ethernet Services

SolveForce T1 LIne and Ethernet Services

Solveforce Now Offers T1 Line and Ethernet services to Albuquerque, New Mexico

Solveforce and affiliates have expanded their T1 Line and Ethernet ( into Albuquerque, New Mexico for the new year. These services will be offered for commercial & enterprise locations.

What is a T1?

A T1 circuit is a dedicated (which in this sense means “not shared”) point-to-point line from the business’ network to the telephone company’s central office and then in some cases to the Internet provider, which could also be the phone company. A T1 line can also be used to link shared data between offices as well.

The T1 will require specialized equipment at each location, that the company's must have the phone company install. This line can carry data at a rate of approximately 1.5 Mbps. The company's can bond T1’s together to increase the bandwidth to roughly 1.5Mbps for each additional line.

Mbps stands for “megabits per second.” Notice we are not talking megabytes. Megabits refers to the transfer rate of data, or stated differently, the download speed. Megabytes refers to a file size. A megabit is one-eighth the size of a megabyte. What does that mean? It means, to download a one megabyte file in one second, the company needs 8 megabits of download speed (or 8 Mbps).

What is Ethernet?

Some time ago, T1 Line and Ethernet ( lines were the common method for receiving a high speed Internet connection. That started back in the day when slow dialup Internet connections were widespread. A T1 line was perceived as a faster and better choice — and sometimes the only high-speed choice available to businesses in a service area.

However, Internet demands are growing so rapidly that T1s aren’t able to handle the bandwidth capacity as easily as they used to. That’s why many businesses are turning to Internet using Ethernet.

On average, Ethernet service is delivered to a customer with a minimum speed of 10 Mbps (which, to compare, is equal to more than six T1s bonded together). Ethernet can go all the way up to 1 Gbps and beyond, depending on the service provider. One gigabit is equal to 1024 megabits — a tremendous speed advantage! So, as the company's can see, Ethernet can be orders of magnitude faster than a T1 line.

Even better, Ethernet’s high level of bandwidth comes at a relatively low cost since Ethernet cables and equipment are inexpensive. Well-defined industry standards make installation collectively simple and economical throughout the industry. In fact, the cost structure is generally lower than that of a T1 and in a managed Ethernet scenario the company would not have the costs of equipment to buy and maintain.

How Do I Choose Between T1 and Ethernet?

Bandwidth Availability

Bonding T1’s will be limited by the equipment the company owns. Bonding up to 7 T1’s would get the company to approximately 12 Mbps. However, the company can easily exceed those speeds with a single Ethernet connection.

Service Level Agreements (Also Known as SLA’s)

Both types of services offer high up-time. So on this point there’s not much difference.


Link bonding is a traditional method used for bonding T1 Line and Ethernet ( lines
together, but this technology requires all links to be up at all times to work. One circuit failure (physical or otherwise) will take down the entire data link. Ethernet uses a newer technology called loop bonding. If a single loop fails the other circuits will continue behaving as normal providing the company's with continued (even if slightly skewed) bandwidth during repair. The company may not even notice the failure of a loop.

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