Dr. Elsbeth Meuth of TantraNova Institute Shares the Secrets of Everlasting Love

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In light of Valentine’s Day on Sunday, February 14, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, owner and founder of the TantraNova Institute, lists the top five tips for staying in love.

TantraNova Institute

Intimacy is a creation that has to be cultivated and tended to. When we take time to consciously connect, we find that intimacy blossoms and our relationships become more fulfilling and rewarding.

“Sustaining intimacy and fulfillment in a romantic relationship can be challenging, as couples often find themselves lacking true connection with each other because the daily routine of their lives takes over,” said Dr. Meuth. “Intimacy is a creation that has to be cultivated and tended to. When we take time to consciously connect, we find that intimacy blossoms and our relationships become more fulfilling and rewarding.”

To create a lasting and meaningful relationship, Dr. Meuth suggests the following top five tips:

No. 1: Breathe to calm the unending chatter in your mind. “All of us have some sort of constant commentary running in our heads,” said Dr. Meuth. “This chatter keeps us from fully being in the present moment – the place where true intimacy arises.” When we can drop out of our mind chatter, adds Dr. Meuth, we can be present with our partner and see the other for who she/he really is, which can be accomplished by relaxing and breathing deeply into your belly for four counts and discover how mindful awareness of your breathing can silence the unending chatter in your mind.

No. 2: Listen fully, unconditionally, and lovingly. “How many times do we think we are listening just to find out we haven’t heard a thing?” asks Dr. Meuth. “Too often when someone is speaking to us instead of listening to the other, we are thinking about what we will say when it is our turn.” To create intimacy, suggests Dr. Meuth, we must practice truly listening to our partner by dropping out of our mind chatter and being present. This opens the door to authentic communication and deeper understanding, wherein one’s partner feels heard and in turn connectedness and openness grows.

No. 3: Gaze into each other’s eyes. Making eye contact is widely considered an act of intimacy. Taking time each day to truly look at the other person will create and sustain connection. Looking into each other’s left eye (corresponding to the right brain hemisphere) will give you access to being fully present with your partner and deeply connected to each other’s soul.

No. 4: Practice. Creating intimacy doesn’t just happen overnight and it is not something that is ever “finished.” Just like exercising, one must have a regular regimen in order to “stay in shape.” Certain practices that one can do as part of their intimacy routine include touching each other’s heart through hand-on-heart connection, kiss often to awaken the endorphins and spoon to rejuvenate and reconnect after a hard day.

No. 5: Create fun and laughter. “Laughter and orgasm originate from the same physiological center in your body,” said Dr. Meuth. “Both initiate the release of endorphins, which promotes a sense of well-being and mood elevation.”

TantraNova offers live workshops and online programs to learn how to expand joy, pleasure and creativity in your life and relationships. For more information, please visit http://www.tantranova.com/. TantraNova will also be hosting its Secrets to Tantric Intimacy Couples’ Retreat at a luxury oceanfront resort in Tulum, Mexico, in April. For more information, please call (773) 525-5006.

About TantraNova
Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver, founders of TantraNova, are internationally renowned workshop leaders, relationship and intimacy coaches and certified Tantra Yoga teachers. They are co- authors of “Sexual Enlightenment,” producers of the bestselling DVD series “Creating Intimacy & Love,” were featured on Showtime’s documentary “Sexual Healing,” and offer a variety of intimacy programs for couples and singles. The center is located at 2031 West Warner Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618.

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