Taper Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to End Email Overload Once and For All

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Pre-reserve your spot for Taper on Kickstarter today for just $15 or $20 and tackle email overload head on.

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With your help, we can turn Taper into a web-based solution. Something that, once you sign up just once, well, just works; it fixes email.

It is estimated that roughly 30% of our day is spent dealing with excessive email. Google and others have spent millions of dollars trying to figure out ways to filter, organize and snooze emails for people in an attempt to manage the never-ending stream of email that we receive. Until today, there hasn’t been a single solution to easily stop this flow. Taper, which launched today on Kickstarter, is a new, incredible and simple solution to email overload. Unlike every other approach on the market to date, Taper is the only solution with the promise of immediately stopping the flow, and slowly dishing out emails in a controlled, managed and stress-free manner.

Having too many emails in a person’s inbox adds stress, decreases productivity and wastes time. Emails need to be acted upon; they need to be responded to, turned into a to-do item, filed or deleted. While handling one email, countless others often pour in, making email continuously unmanageable.

Taper takes a different approach. Research indicates that the human brain can only efficiently handle a small number of tasks at one time. As such, Taper restricts the number of emails allowed in a person’s inbox to a relatively small number. This process allows people to easily focus and deal with what’s directly in-front, immediately, without delay or additional stress.

Taper is different and more efficient than all of the other existing options to end email overload currently on the market. Taper is not another email client. It’s more like a doorman for the inbox, working invisibly in the background, so users can keep using Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple Mail or whichever email client they’re currently using. It lets a few emails into the inbox at a time to be deleted, archived, moved or flagged. Once done, another is allowed in. No emails are filtered out or lost and users will eventually see everything in a calm and stress-free manner.

“We built Taper as a proof of concept for the desktop, and have been using it successfully for a few months now, but we’re looking for a way to take it to the masses,” says Scott Cohn, co-founder of Taper. “With your help, we can turn Taper into a web-based solution. Something that, once you sign up just once, well, just works; it fixes email,” adds Cohn’s co-founder, Joshua Lippiner.

In order for Cohn and Lippiner to make this dream a reality, they’re looking to raise $23,000 on Kickstarter over the next month. In exchange for pledging to the campaign, the Taper team is offering some interesting rewards including the Taper app, the Taper cloud solution, stickers, music to email to, new free time toys, launch parties and more.

To learn more about Taper and its crowdfunding camapaign on Kickstarter or to pre-order Taper today and suppor the campaign, visit http://bit.ly/TaperMailKS. Also be sure to Like Taper on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter @tapermail to stay up to date with the campaign, and learn about any new rewards, announcements and contests.

About Taper

Taper is a new, desktop application for those who receive too many emails to properly manage each day. Co-founders Joshua Lippiner and Scott Cohn are working towards turning Taper into a web-based solution with the help of early adopters on Kickstarter. Taper aims to be the go-to email overload solution for all, making work and personal emails more manageable in a stress-free way. To learn more about Taper, visit http://www.tapermail.com.

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