T.A. Sciences Celebrates Eight Years of TA-65® Anti-Cellular Aging Technology

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T.A. Sciences proudly celebrates the eight years that TA-65® has been successfully helping clients live a longer and healthier life.

T.A. Sciences

T.A. Sciences

T.A. Sciences is celebrating 2013 as their eighth year of TA-65® anti-cellular aging technology success. Committed to ensuring the highest standard of quality in all aspects of production, T.A. Sciences is dedicated to providing the best-possible product. They entail rigorous testing and analysis programs across all phases of supply and production, from beginning to end.

In conjunction with experts in the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong, and after more than three years of development and research, T.A. Sciences has perfected the method for extracting the naturally occurring TA-65® molecule from the root of the Astragalus plant. The first company to be able to isolate TA-65® from a natural source, their end result is a powder that is over ninety-percent pure TA-65®.

T.A. Sciences is able to produce such a pure form of TA-65® largely due to its commitment to excellence and its rigorous quality testing procedures. The entire process is documented and analyzed to continue to promote improvement and efficacy. Once the Astragalus root is collected from specifically selected farms, the roots are sent to T.A. Science's exclusive plant extraction facility where the roots are processed and refined. The base ingredient is then purified and sent to a government testing facility where the sample is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and for purity. After governmental approval, the product is shipped to T.A. Science's contracted labs in Canada.

As documented above, T.A. Sciences follows rigorous testing and analysis programs that ensure its products integrity. Once the refined product arrives in the state-of-the-art, FDA-certified Canadian laboratory that are FDA certified to produce drugs, the base material is further processed to yield the single TA-65® molecule. Once the material is refined to over a 90% purity level, every batch goes through a final inspection, using proprietary, patent-protected analysis exclusive to T.A. Sciences.

The manufacturing of TA-65® is an international endeavor, and T.A. Sciences is proud to be on the forefront of the exciting new branch of scientific research known as Telomere Biology. This branch of cellular biology directly involves the presence of telomerase and the side effects of telomere shortening, a phenomena typically associated with aging. T.A. Sciences diligently works to keep ahead of this rapidly growing market as many individuals seek the benefits of cellular rejuvenation, resulting in healthy aging and a revitalized youthfulness.

Telomere Biology is a rapidly expanding field, attracting some of the brightest academic and healthcare minds. T.A. Sciences is working in conjunction with cutting-edge biotechnology firms and opinion leaders to ensure that its products remain exceptional in quality. Doctor Calvin Harley, who first discovered the link between aging and Telomeres, works closely with T.A. Sciences to integrate the latest discoveries into T.A. Sciences' products, and Discover why TA-65® has been successful for eight years, and improve health and vitality today with cellular rejuvenation through telomerase activation.


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