T.A. Sciences’ Anti-Cellular Aging TA-65® Supplement is the Leading Cellular Rejuvenation Method This Year

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T.A. Sciences pushes the boundaries of cellular rejuvenation technology with their exclusive anti-cellular aging supplement, TA-65®.

T.A. Sciences

T.A. Sciences

T.A. Sciences is proud to offer individuals the most proven effective method for cellular rejuvenation. With their exclusive TA-65® anti-cellular aging supplement, T.A. Sciences has helped their clients feel younger than ever before through telomerase activation. In the eight years since TA-65® was released, and after countless tests and studies, not a single unfavorable occurrence has been reported. The TA-65® supplement is a well-documented success.

The key factor in the TA-65® anti-cellular aging supplement’s success is due to T.A. Sciences having perfected its production process. TA-65® is an organic molecule found in the root of the Astragalus plant. T.A. Sciences harvests the plant from carefully selected farms in China, ensuring only the finest plant material is collected. Following the harvesting, the plant is processed, refined, purified, and then sent to a government testing facility where the refined product is tested for purity. From there, the product is sent to an FDA-certified laboratory for final purification testing. The ultimate TA-65® product is over 90% pure, an un-rivaled level indicative of the highest quality.

Earlier this year, UCLA scientist Rita Effros and UCLA Visiting Scholar and scientist Hector Valenzuela conducted a study that saw the TA-65® anti-cellular aging supplement as the only telomerase activator that successfully activated in all the samples of subjects involved in the tests. Previously, in 2005, T.A. Sciences conducted the Pivotal 2005 Anti-Cellular Aging Trial, a double-blind, placebo-controlled, twenty-four week study. The trial resulted in the discovery that TA-65® had a profound and positive impact on an individual's immune system, which typically declines with age. The trial also showed improvements with vision, skin health, male sexual function, increased energy, and overall sense of well-being.

Back in February, T.A. Sciences released the results of a customer poll which was held from October 2012 through February 2013. Fifty-four individuals from nine countries averaging age 61 took part in the survey, voluntarily answering the questions provided by T.A. Sciences. The questions were specifically intended to identify any specific changes the individuals noticed after starting to take the anti-cellular aging TA-65® supplement. The survey results revealed that over eighty percent of the individuals reported improvements in immune function, mood, sense of general well-being, and hair quality. Seventy-five percent of individuals saw improvements in joint mobility, an increase in energy levels, reduced joint pain, greater exercise endurance, and improvements in skin quality.

With a proven track record of success, T.A. Sciences invites individuals to take the first step towards living a longer, healthier life with TA-65®, the scientifically proven molecule that can rejuvenate cells through telomerase activation.

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