TA Sciences’ Revolutionary Treatment Juices Up Athletes the Safe and Natural Way

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TA Sciences, an up-and-coming nutritional supplement company with an interest in elongating the human lifespan and improving vitality, sees major results from a supplement showcased in Men’s Journal.

T.A. Sciences

T.A. Sciences

Refined from the Chinese herb astralagus, TA-65 is turning heads in the scientific community. TA-65 is not just another vitamin – with it, athletes of all skill levels and backgrounds are claiming monumental gains in endurance and quicker recovery times.

Though TA Sciences is for the most part staying silent about its athlete customers, one name that has gone public is Dustin Keller, NFL tight end and player for the Miami Dolphins. According to an article in Men’s Journal, Keller had nothing but positive remarks to share about his TA-65 experience: he claimed gains in a beefed up immune system as well as shorter recovery times.

Bill Andrews, another TA-65 user, claims that he greatly slashed his competitive marathon times. Usually found somewhere near the back of the pack when it comes to long-distance running, Andrews claimed that his times dropped considerably after sticking to a regular dosage of TA-65. At a recent race in Salt Lake City, Andrews claimed that he was leaving behind veteran racers he had trailed for years in the dust.

TA Sciences has been gaining notoriety since its creation in 2002. Founded by Noel Patton, the firm, which has head offices in New York, has the worldwide rights to TA-65. “It’s a very exciting time for us,” Patton says of his company’s work. “In the near future, measuring telomeres could become as commonplace as measuring one’s cholesterol.”

About T.A. Sciences:

T.A. Sciences is a consumer health and wellness company dedicated to discovering and creating groundbreaking products through telomerase activation. Based on the science of telomere biology, the company is solely focused on research-based solutions to rejuvenating the aging process on a cellular level.

Targeting telomeres, the protective caps at the end of all chromosomes that are critical to healthy cell function, T.A. Sciences’ products activate an enzyme that can slow down and possibly reverse age- and lifestyle-related telomere shortening. Short telomeres can cause mutations and degradations to chromosomes leading to loss of cell functionality. Its inaugural product, TA-65 is the only proven product focused on the telomerase activation market.

Founded in 2002, T.A. Sciences is headquartered in New York City.

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