Paradigm Malibu Introduces Comprehensive Teen Personality Disorder Treatment Plan

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Malibu Based Paradigm Malibu Focusing on Teen Mental Health Treatment In a Residential Treatment Setting

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The Emotional Health component of Paradigm Malibu is designed to intervene and treat the full range of emotional health issues rather than simply focusing on behaviors themselves.

According to industry statistics, approximately 20% of all teens suffer from a diagnosed mental health issue. Furthermore, approximately 25% of all adolescents have at least one major depressive episode before the age of 18. To counter these startling statistics, Paradigm Malibu, a teen mental health treatment center for behavioral health issues, has a new focus on teen personality disorder.

Cole Rucker, spokesperson for the center, explains their new emphasis. "Unlike all the usual and expected emotional hardships that accompany the 'atypical' teen, struggling with depression is a real disorder. Temperamental teens are common. But moodiness doesn’t mean depression. The Emotional Health component of Paradigm Malibu is designed to intervene and treat the full range of emotional health issues rather than simply focusing on behaviors themselves. All therapy modalities are conducted by credentialed clinical therapists."

Different than other types of emotional illnesses, teen personality disorder is defined as a rigid, unhealthy way of thinking, behaving, and relating to people and situations, including themselves. Says Rucker, "These teen’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are eccentric from social expectations and appropriateness and because of that, often cause friction and limitations in relationships as well as responsibilities. Because the teens aren’t necessarily aware their thoughts and behaviors are askew, they may not be aware and or believe they have a personality disorder."

Rucker advises parents what to be on the "lookout" for in their own teens, saying, "There are a number of different types of Personality Disorders which include specific symptoms, but there are some common symptoms that are present amidst all Personality Disorders. These symptoms include, but are not limited to: extreme and frequent mood swings, difficulty with personal relationships, unpredictable behavior, the need for immediate gratification, the inability to control impulses and substance abuse problems."

Paradigm Malibu operates with the model of four basic types of personality disorders. Says Rucker, "The first disorder is labeled as a borderline personality disorder characterized by people’s trouble forming and maintaining healthy, lasting relationships because of their compulsive and unpredictable behavior. The second disorder is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder where teens view themselves as superior to others and yet, at the same time, need the praise and affection of others to affirm their opinions of their high standing. The third disorder - Dependent Personality Disorder - involves teens with difficulty operating independently and often depend upon someone else for help with making decisions, and being taken care of. Lastly is the Paranoid Personality Disorder where the teen has a constant and overwhelming fear and mistrust of others, always assuming that people have ulterior motives. These people feel a strong need to protect themselves from others and this distrust results in the distance they often maintain from others and in relationships."

Rucker concludes, "Paradigm Malibu seeks to help these teens by creating an awareness from which changes can be made. Therapists can then also begin working with the teens to change those compulsive behaviors and bring about an awareness to their actions, as well as introducing healthy behaviors and practices that will help the teens grow."

About Paradigm Malibu:

As the only residential teen treatment program for drug abuse, addiction, mental health and behavioral health issues owned and operated by licensed mental health professionals, Paradigm Malibu is proud to have a core team with more than 15 years of experience working together. With the nation’s highest staff to client ratio and the largest variety of clinical services, they are uniquely qualified to be of service to teens in need of treatment. Visit Paradigm online at

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