My Positive Perspective Airs Episode With Cameran Wimberly to Remember the Golden Girls

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My Positive Perspective host Jason Deierlein was joined for an episode by Southern Charm Star Cameran Wimberly. The episode was recorded to remember the hit tv show, The Golden Girls.

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The works of the Golden Girls will always be there

On October 27, 2014, My Positive Perspective host Jason Deierlein was joined by reality tv star Cameran Wimberly for an episode that remembered the cast of the Golden Girls. As the episode began, Deierlein says, “You are one of the lead cast members of the show Southern Charm. I watched some of the show, and I was able to compare it to the Golden Girls.” Wimberly interjects, saying, “I find that odd, a bunch of old ladies sitting around.” Deierlein continues, “The cast of characters was what I meant, each member of the cast having their own role. Was there a member of the Golden Girls who reminded you of your character in Southern Charm?” Wimberly says, “I am a Blanche, her personality fits mine,” Wimberly says, “Both on television and in real life.”

Deierlein continues, “Of course Rose’s character was played by Betty White who was the buffoon of the group. Who was the buffoon on Southern Charm?” Wimberly says, “There were lots of buffoons, probably the lead buffoon was Chef, he was a fun loving, comical character. Of course, Thomas who is running for Senate was very entertaining as well.” Deierlein then says, “The Golden Girls cast played their own parts and that was what made that show so successful. How important is it to have that while filming for as long as you do?” Wimberly says, “It is vital for everybody to understand their roles and to stick to them”

Deierlein then concludes the episode saying, “There is only one more cast member of the Golden Girls still alive and it is important to remember that those works will always be around. That is also true about these episodes and that is the one thing we must always remember.” Wimberly says, “That is true and life is short so to have those lifelong legacies is great to always remember.”

My Positive Perspective is a media outlet believing that improvement in our community will be best achieved by focusing on the good things happening in our world today. Having survived a near fatal car accident as a youth, a shift of perception forced one to have a mentality of always concentrating on the brighter sides of things. This was true, and in my book, Return From a Comatose Mind, this belief was put to the test. Appreciation for life was the biggest thing one took away from my brush with death, and it is because of that gives me such a huge desire to be helpful to many. My Positive Perspective is a way of overcoming challenges through positive thinking.

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