Celebrity Business Analyst Announces Split in Film Choice and Film Revenue

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Following the September 30th Divine article, “Tom Hanks Doesn’t Care About Money”, Celebrity Business Analyst announced the common split in film choice after celebrities have reached a monetary high. CBA lists its believed to be top 10 celebs that take movies based on passion, not pay.

Celebrity Business Analyst revealed a common switch in film affiliation and choice after celebrities have reached a particular monetary or fame high. This revelation came on the heels of the September 30th Divine article, “Tom HanksDoesn’t Care about Money”. Hanks, a well-known and respected celebrity, recently revealed his propensity toward quality films rather than films offering the greatest paycheck, reinforcing a common theme among celebrities who have achieved some semblance of mainstream success, both monetarily and in terms of notoriety.

Divine published an article discussing Tom Hanks and his recent admission that, after years of financial success, he has reached a point in his career wherein he chooses films to participate in based solely on the quality of the film rather than the paycheck attached to it. This wasn’t always the case; when Hanks was relatively new to the acting scene, he was far more concerned with the dollar signs, but as he has grown in the industry and become something of a legend, he has bypassed the need for large paychecks and stepped into his golden acting years.

Just as Tom Hanks has left behind his wealth of concern regarding money when choosing his upcoming film roles, many Hollywood celebrities begin to focus more attention on producing quality work rather than large-budget work upon reaching a financially secure space in their career. This type of success, however, is typically in the wake of a long career, as is the case with Tom Hanks. Celebrity Business Analyst believes these 10 actors fit into this category with Tom Hanks:

1. Julia Roberts
2. George Clooney
3. Nicholas Cage
4. Denzel Washington
5. Bruce Willis
6. Ben Affleck
7. Mark Walberg
8. Matt Damon
9. Tom Cruise
10. John Travolta

This is, essentially, the greatest achievement in Hollywood; the freedom to make film choices based on the content quality rather than worrying about the next paycheck. To see more of Tom Hanks, and others who have achieved this level of success, check GoDish.com’s current premium tv channel deals.

Divine is an online magazine devoted to providing up to date news and celebrity gossip, as well as providing news and lifestyle tips specifically geared toward women.

Celebrity Business Analyst announced the common trend in celebrity behavior that comes after having achieved a modicum of success. Though many celebrities were once focused on the next paycheck, the ideal point in a celebrity’s career comes when money is no longer the driving issue, and actors are instead free to choose films based on their content. This point was recently exemplified in Tom Hanks, a man who is free to make film choices based on personal preference rather than monetary concerns. Film, as an art, inspires actors and actresses alike to achieve financial success in order to achieve artistic freedom.

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