Ten Spooky Sleep Facts Aim to Scare in Latest Sleep Junkie Article

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Around Halloween, people often take pleasure in scaring themselves and the latest article from SleepJunkie.org contributes to the season with a few spooky facts related sleep.

Ten Spooky Sleep Facts Aim to Scare in Latest Sleep Junkie Article

Ten Spooky Sleep Facts Aim to Scare in Latest Sleep Junkie Article

Ideally, sleep is peaceful, serene and relaxing, however sometimes it can summon feelings of fright or vulnerability. Between scary sleep disorders, creepy bedmates, and weird dreams, getting rest can begin to parallel horror stories. The latest article from Sleep Junkie, titled "10 Spooky Sleep Stealers", takes a look at several scary sleep facts just in time for Halloween.

Sleep Junkie draws the list from real life frights, including several parasomnias (abnormal sleep disorders), dreams, bed bugs, and scientific research. The article identifies ten of the creepiest phenomena, and explains each in detail with nods to both folklore and modern theories.

One frightening but not uncommon parasomnia mentioned is that of sleep paralysis, which often teams up with hallucinations to create waking nightmares. People experiencing this may see or hear ominous figures and feel awake, but cannot move or scream. Sleep paralysis is cited as the likely basis for several folklore tales such as incubi and succubi, aliens and other paranormal encounters that take place shortly after people fall asleep or awake. Current scientific theories attribute this to a discoordination of the function which keeps muscles still as people dream.

Hypnic jerks, often described as a sensation of falling when in early stages of sleep, have disputed scientific origins, but some cultures attribute this sensation as the spirit or soul returning or trying to leave one’s physical body. Other sleep disorders mentioned include REM sleep behavior disorder which can cause people to physically act out dreams, and sleepwalking which can place sleepers and others in real danger.

On the subject of dreams, Sleep Junkie explains how one study found that night owls were more likely to experience nightmares than early sleepers, and also takes a look at the practice of lucid dreaming, or controlling one’s dreams.

The most shudder-inducing group of creepy sleep facts looks at living creatures that may take up residence in pillows and mattresses, including bed bugs, dust mites, and mold, along with their potential side effects and a few prevention tips.

Though the article may make readers think twice before drifting off to dreamland, Sleep Junkie also discusses the serious side effects of sleep deprivation and reminds readers to consult with their physician if they suspect sleep problems.

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