New Episode of “The Dr. Bo Show” Podcast Series Answers A Curious Question About Creepiness

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“The Dr. Bo Show” podcast series provides critical thinking-, reason-, and science-based answers to audience-generated questions on a range of issues, and offers a robust, interactive platform that facilitates user discussion and participation.

The Dr. Bo Show

Creepiness is a stereotype defined by specific traits and behaviors, and carries with it the notion that the creepy person intends harm or is at least malevolent in their thinking.

In the newest episode of his question and answer podcast series “The Dr. Bo Show,” Bo Bennett, PhD, addresses a question from his audience about what can be done to prevent (or at least minimize) being perceived as “creepy.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines creepy as “annoyingly unpleasant” and “fearfully and mysteriously strange.” With that in mind, Bennett provides some helpful solutions to the question: How can I avoid being seen as “creepy”?

Bennett dives into this question with confirmation that there are things that can reduce the risk of being labeled creepy, although certain factors that influence that risk (both age and gender can play a role) can’t always be altered. Creepiness, Bennett explains, is a stereotype defined by specific traits and behaviors, and carries with it the notion that the creepy person intends harm or is at least malevolent in their thinking. “As with all stereotypes, while this might serve as an accurate heuristic more times then not,” says Bennett, “it is just a heuristic and is certainly no guarantee that a person is a legitimate threat or is thinking about anything even remotely perverse or malicious.”

The advice that Bennett offers is straightforward and easy to apply, and it makes perfect sense. He shares “Bo’s Five Rules To Avoid Being Perceived as Creepy,” with details for each rule that describe and help remedy the factors that contribute to how people interpret things like staring, body language, grooming, and attire. The content is engaging, and he finds a balance in his delivery to keep it factual, fresh, and entertaining. “No matter how good a stranger might smell,” explains Bennett when discussing personal space, “don’t go in for the deep sniff.”

Episode three of “The Dr. Bo Show” premieres on April 24, 2015 and is available online at Additional episodes will follow.

“The Dr. Bo Show” podcasts are educational and entertaining. Bennett provides critical thinking-, reason-, and science-based responses covering many topics, including psychology, science education, belief, human behavior, success and motivation, and well-being and happiness.

Listeners can submit questions and actively participate in discussions about each episode by registering for a free account at Each podcast is available on the website in text format, audio podcast (also on iTunes), and abridged “To the Point” YouTube videos (available for most shows).

Dr. Bennett is available for interviews and speaking engagements on a variety of topics.

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