Florida Company Aims To Redefine The Internet and The Real Estate Industry

ARME Realty.com announces new real estate internet marketing programs with goals to redefine the internet and real estate industry online.

Clearwater FL (PRWEB) August 24, 2013

A Clearwater FL company ARME Realty.com has just announced their newest online marketing suite for real estate industry professionals seeking to promote their real estate listings online.

In today's digital environment, more home buyers are turning to places like Google to find information about desired homes for sale. As the number of people who do this climb from year to year, real estate pros are now finding it a virtual requirement to promote their real estate inventory on the internet.

Simon Landers, a company spokesperson, says this, "Realtors who have yet to establish a web presence are losing prospects to their broker counterparts who do have a web presence. Years ago, a real estate website was essentially a glorified calling card that served most professionals no purpose other than to look good for the prospect."

Mr. Landers continues, "Today, as more websites are becoming interactive, more home buyer prospects are finding this interactivity vital in regards to their decision making process. The more involved you can make your prospect before the first contact, the more motivated the buyer will be to pursue their investment."

Headquartered in Clearwater FL, real estate professionals interested in talking to a representative of the company can call their hotline at (727) 459-8841. Their hours of operation are currently listed as Monday - Friday from 9am to 6pm EST. Also, the company's website, ARME Realty.com, also has additional details on their services.


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